Andrew’s is a story of wellness at home. He is a psychotherapist who focuses on eating disorders, but had no place at home to focus on his own wellness. His mid-century modern gem, designed by Gordon Sugar ca. 1959,  needed some upgrades and a place for a new therapy pool.

Studio Name: ISTUDIO Architects
Design Team:  Tommy Kim, Allen Gombera & Rick Schneider, FAIA
Area: 3,200 sf
Year: 2018
Location: Pikesville, MD

  • Structural Engineer: BEI
  • General Contractor: Brothers Services

Photography Credits: Anice Hoachlander of Hoachlander Davis Photography (HDP)

Other Credits:
Endless Pools

©Anice Hoachlander of Hoachlander Davis Photography (HDP)

ISTUDIO architects designed a pool house addition that is modern and green – providing a place for his family to focus on fitness. The hydrotherapy endless pool – a pool with jets that provide resistance so that the swimmer can swim in place – sits in a room beneath exposed wood beams that complete and celebrate the butterfly roof with a bright red, angled column at its corner.

Water Wellness Home By ISTUDIO Architects - Sheet3
©Anice Hoachlander of Hoachlander Davis Photography (HDP)

The room also features a space for his wife to meditate with views to the outdoors. A new patio promotes outdoor living while rain chains and scuppers manage storm water in an artful way. Future plans include a zen garden in the backyard that features a sycamore tree that the team protected during the project.

Water Wellness Home By ISTUDIO Architects - Sheet9
©Anice Hoachlander of Hoachlander Davis Photography (HDP)

Body image and esteem are themes in the work Andrew does with the Body Image Therapy Center, work he can bring home with him.


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