The project aimed to develop a single-family house, located in the heart of the historic center of Parede, Cascais, on a plot with a longitudinal configuration. In this particular case, we believed that the construction should be guided by the alignments of the adjoining construction, namely the facade plan, height and volumetry.

Project Name: House in Parede 11
Studio Name: Humberto Conde Arquitectos | HRA-Lisboa
Design Team: Humberto Conde
Collaborators: Filipe Ramalho; Joana Catarré
Area: 274 m2
Year: 2013
Location: Rua 31 Janeiro, 11, Parede. Portugal
Consultants: P2S, Lda (Engineering); Nuno Viterbo (Landscape design)
Photography Credits: Fernando Guerra (FG+SG)

Single Family House 2021 By HUMBERTO CONDE ARQUITECTOS - Sheet4
©Fernando Guerra (FG+SG)

The new construction should promote dialogue between the neighboring house due to the dissonance of the markedly different character, the choice of the construction method and the new projected metric given to the spans and all the facades.

Safeguarded by a small courtyard at the entrance, serving as a car parking area and pedestrian access to the house, the construction develops on three floors above ground, releasing the back plot. A beautiful and balanced landscaped green space, in direct relationship with the interior of the house.

Single Family House 2021 By HUMBERTO CONDE ARQUITECTOS - Sheet10
©Fernando Guerra (FG+SG)

All the social spaces of the house are concentrated on the ground floor. Through a central corridor, which serves as the entrance hall, it is possible to make access to the different areas of the house. On the left side are the kitchen and laundry areas. In front, the living room presents itself as a large space that establishes a close and open relationship with the exterior. To the right, a small service bathroom and the stairs that communicate with the upper floors – the private spaces.

Single Family House 2021 By HUMBERTO CONDE ARQUITECTOS - Sheet13
©Fernando Guerra (FG+SG)

Up on the 1st Floor, we find two bedrooms equipped with their own bathrooms. Both rooms are naturally lit by openings located on the East and West facades. The bathrooms are both confronted by an interior pátio/garden that channels natural light and provides ventilation.

The last floor consists of a single space. The master suite. In this space, we can enjoy na immersive natural lighting from both fronts of the house and are in close relationship with the exterior with a large terrace facing west, overlooking the garden.


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