A hidden house

In the wooded and accidented surroundings of Nijmegen, a modest city in the eastern part of the Netherlands, lies a beautifully hidden plot, hardly visible from the street. An ideal place to live. At the end of 2016, Engel Architects was approached by the owner, a young family from Nijmegen, with the request to design their dream house here. It had to be a modern house but one with a warm feeling, to be relatively large but feel modest.

Project Name: A hidden House
Studio Name: Engel Architecten

Completion: 2020
Contractor: Van Dinther Bouwbedrijf, Schaijk
Construction management: Ten Brinke Bouwmanagement, Almelo
Interior design: Hubbers Interieurmakers, Leuth
Landscape design: Buro Mien Ruys, Amsterdam
Images: Luuk Kramer
Design: Engel Architecten
Architect: Maarten Engel

A hidden House By Engel Architecten - Sheet1
©Luuk Kramer

The house is quite modern and designed with a certain elegance and sophistication. The overhangs give the house an intimate character, the large glass surfaces bring nature inside. The building volume is made up of four asymmetrical volumes, each of which is closely related to the human scale. The asymmetrical approach of the design makes it possible to size each room exactly to suit the function it is intended for.

A hidden House By Engel Architecten - Sheet2
©Luuk Kramer

It was important to the clients that each space was provided with natural daylight. Around the house, the surrounding terrain is lowered in some places, so the natural light can also enter the rooms in the basement.

The roof is designed as a double-curved butterfly roof. This shape does justice to the precise location of the house on the plot and strengthens the relationship of the various rooms with the surrounding garden.

A hidden House By Engel Architecten - Sheet4
©Luuk Kramer

The materialization of the house is the result of careful consideration of various materials on the plot itself. The light brick from which the house is constructed fits perfectly into the green surroundings of the wooded plot. The warm colors of the oak window frames contrast beautifully with it.

A hidden House By Engel Architecten - Sheet7
©Luuk Kramer

The garden design was created by Buro Mien Ruis. In the garden you can stay, walk and disappear. Straight lines and contours are. In some places, the trees and plants reach as far as the house, so the green character of the plot can almost literally be felt inside the house.


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