The activity and buzz of a metropolis drives one to seek peace and internal harmony in response to overwhelming external stimuli. The seemingly impossible gap between the charm of city life and the serenity of nature is what we try to bridge in a lifelong attempt at achieving the perfect balance. Maysons Udbhava is one response that celebrates the conveniences of an urban existence within the healing comfort of a home nestled within nature.

Project Name: Maysons Udbhava
Architects: Maysons  Realty
Site Area:17000 ft²
Number of Villas: 10
Area of Villas: 3850 sft. To 4250 sft
Year: 2016

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‘Udbhava’ – the resurfacing of something that was once existent, and is no longer evidently visible or accessible. Our history, culture, and values suffer from a similar crisis of being rendered invisible in plain sight. As much as we seek a tryst with our roots and traditions, our busy lives have gradually replaced our subtle, nuanced ethos with the dull humdrum of life at breakneck speeds.

Maysons Udbhava is an attempt to ensure that the knowledge of old organically resurfaces in the most enduring form – home.

As Maysons’ pilot project, Udbhava portrays a complex human – nature relationship, highlighting the inevitable influence nature has over our health and well being, through the build environment.

The project consists of a series of ten row houses that embody the wisdom of traditional techniques, arts and crafts through choice of materials and methods of construction. Modern conveniences and features are not lost, however – each home is well integrated with a state-of-the-art home automation system that ensures safety, security and ease of living.

Each curated design element at Udbhava is backed by strong scientific reasoning. Informed by the research-driven process of Evidence-Based Design, the user is subjected to a multisensory experience that aims to enhance their well being, creative thought and productive energy, the three pillars of Maysons’ philosophy.

©Maysons  Realty


Each home follows a similar design pattern which is altered to suit the specific needs of the occupants. The entrance which is tucked away cozily amidst potted plants and wall murals dramatically opens out into a double height living space that welcomes the occupant. The north facing French windows lead into a private garden and seating area which is adorned by a vertical garden and intricate mosaic bespoke to each unit.

The kitchen and dining area are situated on a split level overlooking the living room, the open plan ensuring strong visual connect throughout the social spaces of the home. A lift or the centrally placed staircase takes one to the bedrooms – with two each on the second and third floors. The spacious, well lit rooms lead into balconies and each boast of their own en-suite bathrooms and walk-ins. On the roof is a private sit out space which enjoys views of a coconut grove adjacent to the project.

A community clubhouse with a swimming pool, gym and recreational spaces and a community kitchen and dining space allow for socialization among the residents at Udbhava. Nature enthusiasts are treated to regular visits from exotic birds owing to the close proximity of the project to Jakkur Lake, one of South India’s biggest migratory epicenters for exotic species.

The project practices sustainability in construction as well as in maintenance. Solar panels and state of the art home automation systems optimize and reduce the use of energy, while also actively advocating for clean sources. An onsite activated waste management system converts kitchen waste into manure used for landscaping.

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Udbhava showcases the philosophy of Maysons perfectly – a simple vision of introducing contemporary Indian architecture to the discerning public through a wholesome integration of traditional and modern lifestyles. The design is adapted to the local environment, with the local community being the most important stakeholder. The hiring of local craftsmen and use of traditionally available resources contributes towards building a holistic and sustainable environment.

Stimulating the five senses

Visual: Use of natural materials like oxides, clay plaster, earth, stone and wood results in an overall natural color palette that is warm and rich. In nature, these colours are generally associated with stability, longevity, healing, and strength. Additionally, many find comfort in the warm shades of brown and ochre that dominate the palette as they are considered all-natural and earthy.

Along with the use of natural materials, greenery and designs representing greenery are spread profusely throughout the home to incorporate the idea of biophilic views. This reinforces a closeness to nature that aids in rejuvenation.

Touch: The various oxides and natural finishes invite the user to explore their homes through the added dimension of touch. The use of textured non-slip stone is an attempt to enhance the sensation of touch throughout the home, heightening the overall living experience.

©Maysons  Realty

Smell: The use of natural plasters throughout the home achieves two objectives – eliminating the need for paints which emit VOCs, while adding a subtle, earthy aroma to the internal environment. The internal climate regulating properties of these finishes also means that the air within the homes is naturally filtered and at optimum temperature and humidity levels for the comfort of the users.

Hearing: Serene homes nestled within a dense green area result in a magically quiet environment where sounds of nature are heightened. The whispering breeze in the foliage, the melodious calls of birds and other sounds of nature make the occupant forget, momentarily, that they reside in the urban jungle that is North Bangalore.


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