Shia Qalam is a rehabilitation scheme for Brass artisans of Moradabad. As art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artefacts (artworks), expressing the author’s imaginative, conceptual Ideas or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.

Project Name: Shia Qalam
By: Anurat Singh

©Anurat Singh

These artworks is been practised by artisans in their artist colonies or artist villages which serves as a creative hub for artists, business owners & neighbour’s living and working in it. These settlements is been settle up by like-minded contemporary artists to critically re-look and examine existing assumptions, values and concepts of art-making and promote artists to explore radical new ways and ideologies in making art that is in sync with the societal changes.

One such art settlement is Peetal Basti (Brass worker’s settlement) located at Moradabad district in Uttar Pradesh, India. The Settlement has the potential to get resettle & revive due to its rich history, idyllic nature and efficient efficiency with the Delhi-Jimcorbett-Nainital Tourism Corridor.

©Anurat Singh

Currently, this settlement is been marked as an illegal settlement by Moradabad Development Authority(M.D.A) and as this settlement lies on Flood basin area of ramganga river, due to which this settlement faces flood issues nearly 2-3 months of the year, keeping in mind these two issues, M.D.A has planned to rehabilitate the whole settlement to the opposite side of Ramganga river, in accordance to proposed Masterplan.

Project Scope-

For the site we are proposing a live, learn and work type of environment which means a Housing unit for the Brass artisans, an employment cum training centre for their skills up-gradation and a workshop area in their vicinity of housing units.

©Anurat Singh


The initial concept for the planning is the “Reintepratating: the traditional courtyard system for new housing schemes”.In the older settlement, we profoundly found three characteristic elements that are (a)-Courtyard (b)-Chowk (c)-Maidaan, so the site planning is been done in a way that can foster the sense of community and the belonginess in the design, For example in Shia Qalam Rehabilitation Project, the housing is been fused by semi-private “Courtyard Spaces” that further act as space where different user can come and interact with each other and can perform a different set of activities, the interjunction b/w two sets of pedestrian grids is been treated as a “Chowk” and in the centre of the project, the housing is been fused with a central green space name as a “Maidaan”, which further acts as a central open green space situated at the middle of housing schemes, thus made it accessible for all the housing clusters, and due to which it can be used as a central space for the mass congregation. The workshops and training Centre is been designed in a way that though they are separated from the housing unit through a 6m wide road yet it acts as a part of a site.

©Anurat Singh

The design also emphasizes that a rehabilitation scheme should cater to the local architecture style that is present as a site context in reference to the site and should incorporate local construction techniques like Jack Arch Roofing, Filler slab construction etc so that the developer can save cost on construction of the building and can use that money in other essential design services and elements, and apart from this it also helps to make a space look good in terms of aesthetics.


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