This apartment at Landbay Condo is a clear example of its beautiful furniture standing out due to its muted palette and controlled aesthetics. The owners are lawyers by profession; were referred by their friend whose house Artistroom had renovated. The owners of this two-bedroom condo unit had distinct ideas for their home. The home was designed as a soothing sanctuary for its owners whose brief was simple; decorating stylish furniture in a clean cut interior environment. To this end, the team worked towards creating an interior that does away with extraneous details in each space.

Project Name : LandBay Condominium
Location: 3 Jalan Hajijah, Singapore 468698
Size: Approx. 130 square metres (1,400 square feet)
Studio : Artistroom
Web: www.
Instagram : @artistroomsg
Facebook :

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Storage & Space Planning Comes First:

Storage was a priority when the team began to design the apartment; a priority for the present and future as the owners look long term to stay in this apartment.

Additional storage were added at the foyer and entrance area. At the kitchen, Artistroom built a wall (rather than knocking it down which is usually done to create an open-concept space) with a serving window in consideration for the owners’ penchant for entertaining, and to create more kitchen cabinet space.

LandBay Condominium by Artist Room - Sheet3

One bedroom used as the study room, as well as to displays the owners’ travel keepsakes. Whereas, in the master bedroom, Artistroom built a sleek wall consisting of full-height wardrobes and an entertainment centre that can be concealed by pocket doors.

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Design Elements:

Clean palette like white painted walls and neat conceal storages guide the the design intent, where the design team also incorporate dark-stain parquet flooring which harmonises the stylish furniture throughout the apartment.To achieve the midcentury modern look, the design team used parquet flooring, stained black, for the living and dining areas and the rooms. This was to give contrast to the furniture as the owners like to collect designer pieces to dress up their home.

LandBay Condominium by Artist Room - Sheet5

The furniture gives the midcentury modern feel and look, while the built-in cabinetry was designed to blend into the background Materials in the kitchen, like the grey floor tiles were used to indicate the break between the living area and cook space. White subway tiles on the wall and backsplash continue the midcentury modern concept, while the custom cabinets sport dark laminate and frosted glass framed by powder-coated metal. The glass in the top cabinets showcase the the owners’ tableware and at the same time, helps to lighten the dark tones and reflect more light into the space.

LandBay Condominium by Artist Room - Sheet6

The colour scheme for both bathrooms are dark: black for the common bathroom and grey for the master bathroom. To create texture, the designers used both glossy and matt tiles. The differences in the cut of the tiles were used to demarcate between wet and dry areas. To continue the outlook, a large format tile was also used as the vanity counter top. Ledges and storage niches that visually blend provide storage for toiletries.

The dark palette and clean-lined design of the bathrooms complement the midcentury modern theme in he rest of the house.


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