Anders Berensson Architects has designed a summer house in the Stockholm archipelago together with Scandinavian modular housing company Sommarnöjen.

Project Name: Zartmann House
Architect Name: Anders Berensson Architects

Zartmann House By Anders Berensson Architects - Sheet2The house is located on a remote island without roads and was built by helicoptering building kits to the sight. Working with a straight kit on a hilly landscape with a demanding local plan we abandon the idea of designing one house as one big volume. Instead we designed four volumes on two separate rocks connected by a deck and a bridge.

Zartmann House By Anders Berensson Architects - Sheet3The four volumes defines a promenade among rocks, bridges, walls, windswept trees and terraces. The two biggest volumes contains the main house. This house is divided in a serving volume with a furnace room, storage, bathroom, entrance and bedrooms connected to the living room volume.

Zartmann House By Anders Berensson Architects - Sheet11The two other volumes is a sauna house and a guest house that is reached by a bridge. On good days the deck serves as a living platform. Starting on the eastern rock you can see the sunrise in the ocean to the east.

Zartmann House By Anders Berensson Architects - Sheet12The deck and the Living room volume host spaces for day time activities. Going over the bridge one can enjoy the sunset over the Stockholm Archipelago to the west from on top of the sauna house.

Anders Berensson Architects:

Anders Berensson Architects is an architecture office founded in Stockholm, Sweden by Anders Berensson in 2015. The philosophy of the office is to gain energy for each project from the unique conditions that each client and task provide. The office do not have a fixed design idea except that we only do great projects for great people that we, the client and society can be proud of. We work with all kind of clients, big or small. We like variety! The office have a consciously diverse portfolio since we have shifting clients with different needs and dreams from all over the world. Our reputation is not based on repeating ourselves but by inventing new great architecture everywhere for everyone. The firm has a portfolio that’s been widely published all over the world and we can promise you a dedicated, unique and outstanding project.


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