Architecture as an experiment in form of designing a 4 bedroom off the ground structure on stilts. The plan figure of the house is a cross that is surrounded by a circle. The cross is the primary building component, where as the circle is the secondary. This circle holds programs such as the atelier, the pool, the sound studio and back of house program.

LOCATION: Penjiwaan Community, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
PROGRAM: private residence, part of Penjiwaan
INTERIOR DESIGN: Alexis Dornier with client
SIZE: 420 m2
STATUS: completed august 2019
BRANDS: Grohe, Toto, Tecnogas, Franke, LG, Sika flex
PHOTO CREDIT: kiearch,

Butterfly House By Alexis Dornier - Sheet3

The living room becomes the continuous landscape brought through the underneath of the sculpture, and is the heart of the circle. The primary building component is the elevated cross, where each of it’s 4 ends hold rooms that point into different directions, framing specific views into the vicinity.

Butterfly House By Alexis Dornier - Sheet4

Each of the 4 bedrooms is crowned by a specific roof shape that seamlessly blends into the other extremities of the building. we blend vernacular roof silhouettes into something new, combined and transmuted architecture and visually connected this design to neighboring roofs- not to stand out, but to continue the rhythm of built shapes on the horizon.

Butterfly House By Alexis Dornier - Sheet5

bedrooms face towards the inside and can be opened to become visually connected to the inner atrium. The visual relationships of the distinctive building components add to a certain significance and atmosphere and manifest a built, out-of-the-box experiment. The bedrooms can be accessed by 2 central staircases that complete each other in form of a helix.

Underneath these staircases a sunken sofa area defines the heart of the home.

Butterfly House By Alexis Dornier - Sheet6

The material palette is dominated by the appearance and use of reclaimed wood of different kinds. Intricately textured walls through different patterns, sculptures, artwork and plants create an artistic environment. The oft like character makes a lively, scenic built and curated landscape in the context of tropical modernism.


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