Facing a beautiful scenery of green hills, the building features staggered terraces that extend the indoor living space to the mountain landscape, offering a connection with nature that brings a sense of fulfillment to daily life.

Project: House S
Location:  Hsinchu, Taiwan
Type: Residential
Size: 416.66m²
Status: Completed in 2016
Height: 10.10 m
Company :Yuan Architects
Designers : Wenyuan Peng
Collaborator: Yifan Chen , Shengquan Kuo , Menghong Hsieh , Yingyu Huang
Photographer : Te-Fan Wang, Wenyuan Peng, Stephen Liao
Website: www.yuanarch.com

House S By Yuan Architects - Sheet5Built on a hillside, House S intentionally elevates the living space to provide privacy while offering a comfortable outdoor activity space for families. An undulating wall running through the building defines the exterior and interior, separating the public space from the private.

House S By Yuan Architects - Sheet7Within the building, the wall encircles the master bedroom and children’s room, forming the two main spaces, private and secure.

House S By Yuan Architects - Sheet8Between the public and private spaces on each floor, three staggered terraces provide three different lifestyles and settings, enabling the owner and their children to retain their private spaces but also enjoy enriching interactions.


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