House O + I is located in Mérida, Yucatán a southern city of México.

This house is a very special work for the firm, because it synthesizes some aspects that the company considers indispensable for good architecture.

The client had a limited budget and in no way this could be exceeded. At the same time the final proposal was designed in a week along with the entire architectural and executive project, for bank credit approval issues.

Design: Garrido Lizarraga Arquitectos & Asociados
Design Team: Arq. Julio Garrido + Arq. Alejandro Torre Espinosa
Construction: Garrido Lizarraga Arquitectos & Asociados + Atorre Arquitectura
Location: Mérida, Yucatán, México.
Use: Residential (Private House)
Area: 165m²

Interior Floor: Polished Concrete
Exterior Floor: Washed White Cement
Wall: Concrete blocks, stucco and white painting.
Ceiling: concrete joists, Concrete.

Pool: Chukum
Photo: Diego Ayuso (Cinema HD).

House O + I By Garrido Lizarraga Arquitectos & Asociados - Sheet1For all these reasons the design proposal is a rational and honest proposal.

The structure of the house is very simple and without constructive complications.

All the materials used in the work are local.

House O + I By Garrido Lizarraga Arquitectos & Asociados - Sheet3


The clients wanted a house were they could see the poolside from any point of the house. Also the couple host many reunions with friends and family, so for this they demand a very open house where the social area is the heart of the project.House O + I By Garrido Lizarraga Arquitectos & Asociados - Sheet5


The main idea was to take advantage of the long side of the land (20m x 50m) since our construction was 165m² and the lot 1,000m². For this, the different spaces of the house are arranged one after the other, forming a kind of elongated gallery, giving the feeling of a house much larger than 165m².

House O + I By Garrido Lizarraga Arquitectos & Asociados - Sheet8

Also we wanted to have in our building what Le Corbusier called the architectural Promenade, which is in other words to create an experience as walking through the different spaces of the house.

In the southern boundary of the lot there was already built a pool of considerable dimensions, so it was decided to place the public area of housing throughout this pre-existence, followed by this space are the rooms, which are divided by a cylindrical volume that divides the construction in half and creates a diffuse boundary between public and private spaces.

House O + I By Garrido Lizarraga Arquitectos & Asociados - Sheet10

Since we had the requirement of building a very open house, we came up with the idea of having two parallel corridors, one exterior and one interior; these corridors unite all spaces of the house making it very dynamic and revealing different things as your walk through them, things such as perspective, shapes, vegetation, color, form, lights and shadows. We carefully thought the shape of the building creating a harmonious relationship with all of the composition elements.

Garrido Lizarraga Arquitectos & Asociados

Garrido Lizarraga Arquitectos & Asociados is a young Mexican firm founded by its director Julio Enrique Garrido Lizarraga in 2018.

The objective of the firm is to create a solid and forceful architecture, enhancing the resources of our clients for the benefit of the projects. All this through the aesthetic and functional values of architecture.

The philosophy of the company is to create quality spaces, putting human values at the forefront and understanding the very important commitment that architects have with the city and people’s dreams.


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