The project site is the place where it located in the north side of Fukuori Koshu city  Yamanashi prefecture where a plan site is an excellent production center of the Koshu kind of wine. Fukuori is the are that can overlook Mt Fuji in the south direction. There were mulberry field of sericulture.There are some old traditional Japanese house in this area and people have been living .

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Project name: 98WINEs winery
Company name: S PLUS ONE architects
Contact e-mail:
Project location: Japan
Completion Year: 2019

Other participants:

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(eg. collaborators, consultants, etc)
Engineering: frameworks
Landscape: Kei amano

Photo credits: Koji Fujii (Nacasa and partners)

98 Winery By S PLUS ONE Architecture - Sheet2The client wishes I made wine that mean terroir this area here where it faces the south of slope.

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Terraced fields built by piling up slate stones that include iron content spread out , The field changed from rice field ,mulberry field to druit firms. It has been inherited from generation to generation. The site of this winery planed this fields and rice paddies that have been abandoned and are no longer cultivated of efficient use and open to the depopulated winery.

98 Winery By S PLUS ONE Architecture - Sheet4

The architect planed 3 parts of place , one is the place to brew which built  made with iron we call IRON , second is the place to storage of wine which built made with stone and slate stone call STONE third is the place to sale and facility whici aims at local peopre exchange which built made with wood we call WOOD . The WOOD has been plaece of wide windows which can look at Mt Fuji.

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98 Winery By S PLUS ONE Architecture - Sheet7The structure of these 3 architects also same as materials which is iron , concrete , wood . We aimed to utilize material of areas iron, stone ,wood ,soil, wind, and attachment of adds to with progress of the time which like a wine and the place that is loved in the area.


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Rethinking The Future Awards 2022