In the middle of nature at the Vinkeveense plassen, i29 interior architects and Chris Collaris designed a tiny holiday home.With a footprint of only 55 m2 this house still has a luxurious feel of space, and all around panoramas to the surrounding nature.

Project: Holiday home – Vinkeveen
Design: i29 interior architects & Chris Collaris
Client: Private client
Floor area: m2
Completion: January 2019
Location: Vinkeveen, NL
Photography: Ewout Huibers
Construction: Hagoort Bouw & Simon Sintenie

Tiny Holiday Home By i29 Interior Architects - Sheet2This compact home is built for a family of four, including a living room, a kitchen/dining room, a patio, three bedrooms, one bathroom and two toilets. The layout is developed from the inside-out, the smart arrangement of functions make use of every cm2. Situated on a elongated island plot close to the lake, the positioning of the building volume is related to the views on the surrounding water and the orientation on the sun. By dividing the volume into four parts, the panoramic views and the invading sunlight become very specific. On the outside the diversity in size and the interconnected positioning create a sculptural image, looking different from every angle. In order to intensify this sculptural quality, all facades have a minimal design with invisible roof endings and window frames detailled behind the wood facade.

Tiny Holiday Home By i29 Interior Architects - Sheet5 All volumes have big windows or sliding doors which can be opened completely to fully merge the inside with the outside. On the inside, the dimensions and ceiling heights of the different volumes clearly articulate the separate area’s and functions in the house. Long sightlines crossing the outside patio provide a visual connection. By opening up large sliding doors of the patio the volumes of the kitchen and living are physically connected. Custom furniture and integrated cabinets accentuate the graphical quality on the inside.

Tiny Holiday Home By i29 Interior Architects - Sheet6We made use of simple materials like natural oak wooden panels -or stained black to combine with the rough pinewood facade- and a continuing polished concrete floor. We strived for a design strategy in which architecture and interior come together in a model combination. Each volume has its own program. By linking interior components to the architecture and vice versa, the result is a high quality project not dependent of expensive materials or technical show. In every detail we aimed for the ultimate space efficient solution.

Tiny Holiday Home By i29 Interior Architects - Sheet8Every aspect of the design is approached to produce a pure and unified experience to leave a strong impression. Making quality projects is, in our opinion, not always ‘the bigger the better’. With simple yet smart interventions this project is of the highest standard and at the same time energy efficient, eco-friendly, and built with a small footprint. In this sense it’s a model example of a tiny house; smart, comfortable but with no concessions to quality in both the interior and architectural design; small is beautiful.

In a world that’s more and more virtual, interiors become identities. We create brick and mortar experiences that add wow to real life. This is what we do since the day we opened our doors on Industrieweg 29.

i29 Interior Architects

In a world that’s more and more virtual, interiors become identities. We create brick and mortar experiences that add wow to real life. This is what we do since the day we opened our doors on Industrieweg 29.

We turn interiors into identities. And the other way around. We deliver concept, design and realisation for private, commercial and public spaces. Spaces with strong identities that speak loud and clear in order to attract, energize and inspire people. Our studio is full of highly motivated and engaged talents. We love to inspire, touch and wow with our spaces, because wow is a language everybody in the world speaks.

Short history: One of the first projects of i29 was the interior design of all public spaces for public school CalandLyceum. The result was a custom made interior including all furniture. (Awarded  Dutch Design Awards 2005). In 2009 advertising agency Gummo asked to design their new office. Born from a low budget and temporary location briefing, i29 presented the ‘recycled office’. Due to the nature of the project it would be a waste in many ways to make a completely new interior. The outcome was an ‘eco friendly design’, made from second hand furniture. (winner The Great Indoors Awards) That same year the interior for public school ‘Panta Rhei’ was finished. i29 proposed a completely black and beige interior with integrated poetry within the architecture. (finalist LAI and The Great Indoors Awards) Early 2010 a lively plantwall was integrated into the bathroom interior of an Amsterdam residence (winner Bathroom Design Awards). For the design  of advertising agency Tribal DDB, in search for solutions to various problems which could be adressed by one grand gesture, i29 covered a complete office in felt. (awarded The Great Indoors Award 2011, German Design Award.) The design for Combiwerk included a setting of color coded islands which enlivened the interior of a social workplace office. Despite the limited resources and a clear wish for a sober approach, the building had to radiate quality. (winner The Great Indoors Award 2013). At a villa in Bloemendaal nature was brought inside the house by placing large surfaces of natural pinewood panels through the whole house. The utilitarian material has been treated as a high end finish. (winner AZ awards 2014.) In paris, a vanishing kitchen was designed in a monumental setting, in order to merge the kitchen with the living space. The design is reduced to it’s absolute minimum. Early 2014 a shop was designed in the monumental Felix Meritis for Frame Publishers. The store offers a three-dimensional experience of the magazine, a creative and innovative universe that surprises and inspires. The space was transformed into a mirrored universe to elevate and reflect its grandeur. (winner H.I.P awards and The International Design Awards 2014.) Today, i29 interior architects works on all kind of projects. In collaboration with other architects, for their own clients and spontaneously as experimental activity within the studio.

Awards: Dezeen Awards 2018 Winner Interior Designer of the year, World Interiors News Award 2018 Best Interior Practice of the year,, SBID Awards 2018 finalist, Architizer Awards 2018 finalist, INSIDE World Architecture Festival 2018 finalist, International Design Award 2018 finalist, German Design Award 2018 winner, World festival of Interiors INSIDE 2017 finalist, Design Week Award 2016 winner, WIN Awards 2016 Interior practice of the year winner, FX Awards 2016 finalist, Blueprint Awards 2016 finalist, Finest Interior Award 2016 winner, Dezeen Hotlist 2016 selected, Fast Company Design Awards 2016 finalist, Core77 Design Awards 2016 winner, AZ Awards 2016 finalist, Architizer Awards 2016 finalist, Global excellence awards 2016 winner, FX Awards 2015 winner, WIN Awards 2015 winner, Best of Year Awards 2015 winner, ARC Awards 2015 finalist, Core77 Awards 2015 winner, AZ Awards 2015 finalist, Architizer A+ Awards 2015 finalist, Idea Tops Award 2014 finalist, FX Awards 2014 winner, Best of Year Awards 2014 finalist, ARC14 Awards nomination, German Design Awards 2014 nomination, WIN Awards 2014 finalist, International Design Awards 2014 winner, Re-Thinking the Future Awards 2014 second award, AZ Awards 2014 winner, H.I.P Awards 2014 winner, The Great Indoors Awards 2013 winner, ARC13 Awards 2013 nomination, Restaurant & Bar Awards 2013 nomination, FrameMooi Award 2013 nomination, Architizer Awards 2013 (2x) nomination, FX Awards 2013 finalist, Idea Tops Awards 2013 winner, Modern Decoration Awards 2013 winner, German Design Awards 2013 nomination, Core 77 Awards 2012 notable, IIDA Awards 2011 honourable mention, The Great Indoors Awards 2011 winner, LAI awards 2011 finalist, A’Design Award 2011 winner, Bathroom Design Awards 2010 winner, World’s coolest offices awards 2010 winner, The great Indoors Awards 2009 winner, The great Indoors Awards 2009 finalist Design Firm of the year, The great Indoors Awards 2009 finalist, LAI 2009 finalist, LAI 2009 finalist, BDA Awards 2005 finalist, Dutch Design prizes 2005 winner Best interior Design.

Founding partners: i29 interior architects is the collective noun, and within this collective Jaspar Jansen (1970) and Jeroen Dellensen (1972) are like one. Their collaboration is a constant dialogue between both their personalities and shared endeavour for creativity. Together with their core team of designers they work on projects for a wide variety of clients, and in various scale

Contact: i29 interior architects, industrieweg 29, 1115 AD, duivendrecht, NL, +31 20 6956120,,


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