This site used to be a dressed timber factory with dusty atmosphere where sawdust, wood pulp, waste products of woodworking and huge machines were placed in the loud environment. It has now become a warehouse for storing goods where only silence, darkness and smell of abandonment remained. The factory was moved to the new site not far away as the business grew. The old site turns to be a medium-size office with less than five staff members.

Project name: Paknam Office
Architect: Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated
Location: Samut Prakan, Thailand
Architect in Charge: Cherngchai Riawruangsangkul, Thanakit Wiriyasathit
Area: 89 sq.m.
Project Year: 2018
Photographs: Beer Singnoi

Paknam Office By Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated - Sheet16

Paknam Office By Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated - Sheet4The utility space is divided into three parts. The front part is a 16 square-meter reception area and a 42 square-meter working space. These two parts are made from two transparent glass boxes of different sizes. The kitchen and bathroom at the back are hidden behind the softwood panels where the connection to the residential area upstairs is located. As for the physical appearance, the transparent façade creates sharp contrast between the lighter inside and the dusty atmosphere of the old dressed timber factory outside. A large frameless transparent glass façade is placed between the thin ceiling sheets and the floor where the overall structure is well hidden behind.

Paknam Office By Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated - Sheet13Paknam Office By Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated - Sheet14The entire utility space is 89 square meters. This is a tiny office perfectly suitable for this particular site. It hides away from the eyes of the outsiders behind the old walls of the old factory. It is unlikely that there would be a 15-meter factory and a 7-meter house hidden around a small street separate from Sai Luad Road, Samut Prakan, a large industrial zone outside Bangkok.


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