GRT was asked to renovate a mid-century home designed by one of the first female architects to graduate from Columbia University’s architecture program. She also happened to be the client’s grandmother. Situated high on the east bank of the Hudson River the house is a strong, rational design that foregrounds views and the connection to the natural world outside. Two 102-foot long beams run the length of the house, defining an east-west axis visible from every room. Six-inch terracotta tile covers the floor throughout. Our work was guided by the desire to accentuate what we found and complement it where necessary.

Project Name: Hudson River Renovation
Architect: GRT Architects

Hudson River Renovation BY GRT Architects - Sheet3Color and material choices were guided by the strength of the original design. Looking south to the Tappan Zee bridge and skyline of Manhattan, the natural field of view is far away and bright. We painted all walls and windows a low gloss black, effectively foregrounding the view over its frame. Te only wood whose natural grain we exposed is the primary beams which travel the length of the house and orient all action within.

Hudson River Renovation BY GRT Architects - Sheet4New spaces were meant to be recognizable as such, but were articulated in a familiar language. Te kitchen, breakfast nook, library and wet bar were moments where colors and materials change but subtly so.

Hudson River Renovation BY GRT Architects - Sheet7

Troughout we sought to reinforce the humble, honest character of the home, staying mindful of what the original architect appreciated sixty years ago: the architecture here is a quiet armature to frame views across the Hudson.


GRT Architects

GRT Architects founding partners Tal Schori and Rustam Mehta met in third grade and proceeded, unintentionally, to attend the same university and architecture school.  After working at different firms for seven years they decided to do the right thing and start a business together in 2014.

Tal and Rustam are architects who studied history before design and find truth more interesting than fiction. They look for what makes each project unique and craft a response they aim to be as surprising as it is appropriate.

GRT Architects is an evolving young practice that has been awarded for its work on historic buildings, renovated numerous domestic and hospitality space, designed a line a three dimensional concrete tiles, collaborated with several artists and teaches a seminar at Columbia University.



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