Camelot is a word referring to castle or a court associated with the legendary King
Arthur. Despite being an ancient archetype, the primary aim of this house was to
call upon contemporary modern design to set itself apart from other traditional
houses in Kerala.

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Project Name: Camelot
Studio Name: BCA Architecture
Status: Built
Client: Mr. Shereef
Area: 7,083.84 sq.ft

Camelot By BCA Architecture The central challenge lay in incorporating geometric curves as its
primary aesthetics and controlling the temperature of the steel and glass marvel.

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Camelot By BCA ArchitectureThe three levels – foyer, living area and dining area, are covered by a curved glass
roof. The building displays symmetry and bold monotones of colour.  The foyer
features a gold themed wall and is embellished with a showcase that is a combination of geometric shapes. The high ceiling in the living area adds to the
grandeur of the house while the warm colour palette makes the building less

Camelot By BCA ArchitectureA large driveway leads to a commanding front porch. The first floor consists of a
very spacious terrace, situated right above the porch that serves as an ideal
setting for family parties. On one side of the house is an attractive swimming pool
that is encompassed by the façade on one side, and a carefully manicured tropical
garden on the other sides, providing a context to the house with respect to its
location in a tropical climate. Tremendous importance has been given to ensure a
maximum amount of natural illumination, inside the house, especially those areas
designed for communal activities.

Camelot By BCA ArchitectureThe master bedroom has been designed such that only the switchboards, photoframes and lamps provide a contrast to the otherwise monochromatic theme of a reddish tint. It also features a view of the pool beyond. The living room
on the upper floor has bright cushions that match the overall warm colour theme.

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Camelot By BCA Architecture

Babu Cherian

Designs that radiate warmth and an aura of timelessness. Designs which are the realization of a desire to integrate the natural elements make Babu Cherian an architect with a difference.

Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the T.K.M. College of
Engineering, Quilon, Kerala, he commenced his career with Architect
Dinesh Rajeshrike & Associates, Mumbai as an Apprentice Architect.

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It was in 1995 that he began his own private practice and to date has come
out with creative design solutions that interact with the environment. Babu
Cherian has set up a strong general architectural & urban design practice
with clients across public, private and voluntary sectors. Versatile, adaptive
and creative designs makes his works prominent with an identical creative
excellence. A unique combination of resources, skills and vision, he often
draws inspirations from the spectacular land scenario of Kerala and the architect in him steps into the spirit and character of the Kerala style of architecture.

Practicing traditional vernacular architecture which features heavy use of craftsmanship, his designs and products are more the work of the craftsman than of the architect. His recent works are interpretations of the traditional Kerala style with their sloping roofs laid with Mangalore pattern tiles and plastered walls rendering a feeling of timelessness leading you to a bygone era. His residences strike a chord between architecture and people. A perfect harmony of interiors and landscapes is achieved with a selection of vibrant colors and materials. In fact his works have tread the global path many a time and provided architectural and design services internationally.


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