Located in the bustling Indiranagar in Bangalore, this three bedroom residence for a CA and lawyer duo was completely remodelled based on a simple briefing—an eclectic look, lots of colour, not too precious, but comfortable and inviting and most importantly- a space that would respond to its needs.

Project name: Nishtha and Jai’s Residence
Studio Name: Tangram
Status: Built
Program: Residential Interior
Gross Built Area: 1,300 Sq. Ft
Project location: Indiranagar, Bangalore IN
Completion: January, 2018
Photo Credits: 20Point7 Photography

Nishtha & Jai's Residence By Tangram Studio

Floor Plan
The space acquired with bulky furniture, worn out windows and awkward space planning. There was a need to reflect into the context and functional design order that would respond the client’s needs.
As part of the remodelling, we worked on the floor plan, changed some walls as we went. Planning was completely based on the client’s need for everyday activities, from reading to daily chores.

Some walls were removed and windows set-in to increase natural day light into living and bedroom. Living room orientation was changed to achieve an optimal viewing angle and the set-in windows provide additional seating area with a view outside. Master bedroom was in much need of natural light which was brought in by introducing full height sliding window that would open out into a cozy balcony.

Nishtha & Jai's Residence By Tangram Studio
Pile of wood

One enters the house and is welcomed by white – yellow brick wall and blue mid-century barn door. The rest of the living room, which opens into the dining and reading nook, is eclectic yet warm with additions of built in seating nooks. Each piece has quirk, personality and a story, including an antique centre table trunk, recycled cycle wheels as wall accessories and a piece of recycled wood now turned into light fixture over the dining. A coffee table made from Balinese railroad ties; and a floor lamp that could easily pass off as a fan.

The kitchen is relatively contemporary in its rustic finish cabinet with swing doors to screen direct vision into kitchen. Each of the bedrooms has a different personality. Flooded with light because of changed windows, the master bedroom is bright with a yellow wall and built in niches with hand selected ceramic plates composition on wall. Whereas the common bedroom is dominated by a huge world map that transforms into pinup board to house travel photos. The play room is neutral with wall CD rack made of recycled UPVC plumbing pipes.

Nishtha & Jai's Residence By Tangram Studio

Material Palette
White Brick wall, Wood furniture, Distressed grey furniture, Repurposed materials, cement finish, paints (yellow, white, blue)


Co-founder at Tangram Studio

Shraddha is a Mumbai born architect and has received her Bachelor of Architecture from Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai. Shraddha believes that architects have the key to find ways to create dialogue and relationships between people and built forms. 

Her varied experience and strict attention to detail helps in realization of conceptual design, design development, materials selection, construction methods, techniques and time management. Shraddha assures our high standards meet as they are transformed from design concepts into built structures.


Co-founder at Tangram Studio

Prachi studied architecture at Aayojan School of Architecture, Jaipur. After graduating, Prachi moved to Bangalore to work with several distinguished architects where her involvement covered a range of residential, commercial and institutional projects. During this involvement, she quickly learned how to manage several projects at once and developed the ability to navigate the seas of construction field in Bangalore.

Prachi is interested in colourful things and bright spaces but minimal and functional in nature. She brings with herself a robust and versatile knowledge base from her experiences. She combines rigorous design sensibilities with engineering and latest technology.


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