A large room surrounded by three side aluminum framed glass shutter
makes it look larger then its size.

Project Name: Resort Home
Studio Name: SAK Designs
Status: Built    
Photographer Name: Monika Sathe


The Formal Living
Looking out into green is so natural that we kept the furniture to minimum. Elements like a large Horse lamp to give that scale to this space. The Black leather finished sofa with wooden frame  and two leather clad designer chair from TREASURE, China. In the distance a solid wood cabinet with embossed pattern of a mountain landscape is unique piece of furniture from MORE LESS, China. The rug with a contemporary patterns mixed is from “Hands’. The flooring is wooden finish tiles to get the warm and home feel.

View from the passage
Alska grey marble flooring throughout the house complements the grey cement and white and wood at the same time. The raw figures of marble makes it mere with nature. Visible in the distance behind glass partition is dining room , also visible is a small courtyard  with a wired
sculpture of a deer , specially placed to make one feel living in a resort. The raw wooden steps and graph railing in metal and wood with exposed concrete ceiling with wooden stripes impression creating a play of material and texture.


Dininig Room
The solid wood Dinning table and leather finished solid wood chairs,
Bought those hexagon chair from some store and then to arrange them we created a wooden partition between kitchen and dining to create rich backdrop. The side unit a beautiful piece in wood and brass bought from a market in china. In the rear we can see the kitchen island in marble and backdrop of wooden clad cabinets of modular kitchen by TIARA brand. All this with a lush green view makes so natural and calm in appearance.Lighting is kept to minimum with track to highlight the
partition and hanging above dining and kitchen island in simple form.


Upper level passage
Looking from study corner this is a play of converging lines and simple
but thoughtfully designed passage. On wall is a insect painting
collection from BoConcept.  On other side a large double height glass
window, facing north gives abundance daylight and view of greens. The
steps clad in wood are mirrored by a wooden joist clearstory roof to
allow more daylight throughout the passage. In the end artistically
design metal spiral stairs leading to terrace.


Study cum Hobby area
Space perfect for reading, music and painting. All hobbies for all
members of the family. The north facing study has great view to inspire
any soul  to pursue their hobby in a city like Ahmedabad. The unique
study table , having inbuilt blue tooth speakers, is from BoConcept.
A antique gramophone player from antique shop in Ahmedabad. The open shelf on side specially designed to hod books, mementos, any other accessory. The painted study chair is from China.
Master Bedroom
A simple room . To bring  some play into it we textured the back wall .
The fabric selected for bed head rest and bench was move shade velvet
finish. whereas the chair had same color in different texture.The round
rug again had grey and a very natural purple pink vain giving a very cozy feel to corner. two glass lamp hanging from ceiling throwing soft light on mirrored side tables. The concrete pot with large artificial plant  to change the mood of the room to bit relaxed instead of strict box.

Master toilet
A large exposed concrete wall with play of shuttered planks creates the
main element of this toilet. with natural light filtering from top and
giving soft glow throughout the toilet. The natural indoor plants are
planted in large concrete pots. Expecting it to grow thick over the years
and create a screen in the bathroom. The mirror reflects a small window at other end of toilet. A wooden ladder custom made to take care of basic space for accesories in toilet. Counter made out of same tiles as clad on walls of the rest of the bathroom. In mirror a brown and purple mosaic screen is seen which holds the shower behind.

Spiral stairs to terrace
In  the upper level passage on one end is metal spiral staircase was
designed to almost a sculpture like piece. An indirect light falling from
above makes the corner impressive with stairs lit up differently by daylight throughout the day.A single wooden rail supported minimally
appears almost floating which makes it look like a piece of art.
Family room
This room n ground floor seating right opposite to Kitchen. Overlooking the main entry to the house.The background  of raw concrete wall with wooden planks graphics and also the part ceiling in same finish was to keep the warmth and cozy feeling. The wooden floor in natural brown grey tone fro Pergo.  The spider light fitting catches the attention as a piece. the light being adjustable can throw light on ceiling, picture frames and on some chair if required. The centre tables are odd geometric shape three different tables with wood and glass top to give flexibility of use . fabric clad chairs and corner tables and magazine rack are all bought from China.The carpet is from Hands Carpets and Rugs.

View of the house from the corner of the plot.
Two main element of the house are visible here .The large exposed
concrete wall with a cutout which is the main entrance to the house. and second is a three glass fronted grand living room. Clad in wooden
ceiling, supported by almost invisible steel frame structure between
aluminum framed window. With ceiling extending almost 15 feet and deck extending 30 feet from living room. The deck furniture is cast aluminum sofa chairs , a raw wood bench and side table. A 3.5 feet tall earthen pot creates a setting for a resort kind of atmosphere. The transparency of Living room is visually connecting indoors and outdoors and helps one when sitting anywhere to enjoy the ambiance. The ceiling of room is about 14 feet high making it big but not too big in scale. The wooden finish tiles on deck is for practical purpose.as this place has harsh sun in summer  and good rain in monsoon. The neem tree on deck makes the corner ideal for meditation.

View from deck of living and garden
The floor and ceiling gives a linear character of wooden stripes merging
in distance.  The outdoor furniture of water proof fabric and die cast
aluminum frame. With artificial rotten look sides and back. The raw wood stripes in ceiling running from one end of the roof to the other. LED Light fixtures are kept to minimum so that it does not last with the
ceiling look and still lights up the whole house. The horse lamp creates
a different type of visual drama and changes the overall feel of this
unique space.




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