Serene pool and restaurant pavilion are the extension of an existing hotel in Raigarh city. The client brief was to design a pool and poolside restaurant pavilion large enough to accommodate 200 people for different events. The pool had to be playful for parties and elegant for fine dining at the same time.

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Contact person Name: GARIMA PATEL
Completion Year: 2022
Total Built Area (sq.m/ sq.ft):10,000 SQ.FT
Program: 3 star hotel Pool and Restaurant
Photo credits: Pramesh Savalia
Lead Architects: Garima Patel, Pramesh Savalia

Serene Pool and Restaurant by VSG Studio - Sheet3
©Pramesh Savalia

With the added constraint of not disturbing a single existing tree, we decided on a simple tropical theme with turquoise-blue pool tiles, wood finish deck tiles and a grey steel structure that complemented the existing landscape. A huge water feature wall and stone water pots are added along the pool edges to have the playful sound of water at all times. The stone water pots are carved from monolithic black marble and sourced from Rajasthan.

Serene Pool and Restaurant by VSG Studio - Sheet5
©Pramesh Savalia

There are two inbuilt pool dining spaces on the rear end of the pool that merge the fine dining experience with the calm water. The pool is also flanked by a restaurant pavilion on the rear end. Raigarh is one of the major steel producers of the country. Hence, the use of steel for the pavilion was a no-brainer. The pavilion has a simple column-beam grid structure that sits lightly on the wooden deck. A slant member rises from the ground and supports the cantilevered pergola on the roof.

Serene Pool and Restaurant by VSG Studio - Sheet8
©Pramesh Savalia

The pavilion has an open dining space on the ground floor and closed dining on the first floor. The ceiling of the structure is made by laying blue and yellow colored Moroccan tiles upside-down on a grid of purlins and casting a thin layer of concrete above it. The blue color of the tile complements the water. Bright colored upholstery breaks the overall subtle palette just enough to balance elegance and play. The restaurant pavilion comes alive at night with warm lighting casting reflections in the pool and creating a truly ‘serene’ experience.


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