The dining experience is more than just sitting on the table and eating, which is an essential human need, but it is also a practice of sharing and getting to know one another. Ds2 architecture offers enticing dining setting ideas that encapsulate the essence of materials. We aim to create a refined experience for the user that adds to its lively spirit. The dining space is all about providing a space that is distraction-free and allows us to focus on eating and having healthy conversations.

Project Name: Unique Dining Setting Ideas
Studio Name: Ds2 Architecture

Unique Dining Setting Ideas by Ds2 Architecture - Sheet2
©Ds2 Architecture

This beautiful dining set from a residence in banglore is a perfect example of enjoying nature while eating. The colossal window is strategically placed to view the coconut tree outside, instead of chairs, there is a bench placed instead to ensure the view is not interrupted. Also, the contrast between the leather dining chairs and wooden table makes the room unique.

Unique Dining Setting Ideas by Ds2 Architecture - Sheet3
©Ds2 Architecture

Offering both modern and traditional dining options with clean, sleek lines and an open window to add freshness to the space, Ds2 has a solution for every dining occasion.

About Ds2 Architecture: DS2 is a multi-disciplinary practice based in Bengaluru, Kochi & Mangalore found in the year 2006 by Ar. Mueen Haris. What started as only a design studio evolved to provide turnkey solutions to bridge the gap between the drawing board and the craft.

Their fundamental design principles are driven from the context and client aspirations. All the design propositions are well informed by the place, functionally resolved and aesthetically blended or muted. Hence, asserting that the practice is not language driven. They believe that architecture should be more about the spatial experience rather than the visual impact. DS2 disregards the idea of a creative genius.


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