THE INSIDE OUT, is a parametric public infrastructure pavilion designed for the IDAC expo! This pavilion designed by Studio Emergence is inspired by the mathematical surface -Gyroid and the delicate strength of the butterfly wings.

Project Name: The Inside Out, 2022
Project Category (Architecture / Interior Design / Product Design): Installation
Project Location: Jio world convention centre BKC, Mumbai
Project Size: Built Area: 2000 sq.ft
Project Status (Built / Design Proposal / Competition): Completed
Architect / Designer: Studio Emergence

The Inside Out by Studio Emergence - Sheet3
©Studio Emergence

The selection of a gyroid for the expo was based on its concept of , a minimal surface. In mathematics a minimal surface is a surface that locally minimizes its area. This is equivalent to having zero mean curvature. The term “minimal surface” is used because these surfaces originally arose as surfaces that minimized total surface area subject to some constraint.

The Inside Out by Studio Emergence - Sheet4
©Studio Emergence

Minimal surfaces are part of the generative design toolbox used by modern designers. In architecture there has been much interest in tensile structures, which are closely related to minimal surfaces.

THE INSIDE OUT – a single Gyroid, a triply-periodic ordered network of cubic symmetry, appears as a nanostructure in the wing scales of various butterflies. ‌The form of the pavilion is generated by merging 3 gyroid minimal surfaces to mimic the form of butterflies.

©Studio Emergence

With absolutely no pillars to support the interconnected panels ensure that they form the structure completely. To ensure that the minimal surface is reflected in reality, team STEM optimized the fabrication drawings in such a way that it reduced material wastage. A prime example of a structure that can be created overnight -THE INSIDE OUT connected people and enabled collaborations.


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