Children’s education and development in life and society are greatly influenced by their school, which serves as a second home. Let’s stroll around Rajkot, Gujarat’s LAED International School, located at Saurashtra University Gate. The playschool illustrates how to deviate from the conventional solid elevation design approach.

Project Name- Creche: A Facade Narrative
Studio Name- rbhu-Rajkot
Design Team Richa Chhatbar
Content – adhisthanadesign
Photo credit- Smitmehtaphotography

Creche A Facade Narrative by rbhu-Rajkot-Sheet1

The project is the addition of a façade. The design approach for the façade recreation was inspired by the idea of playfulness of children. The essence of innocence and friskiness should be reflected in the physicality. 

Creche A Facade Narrative by rbhu-Rajkot-Sheet7

The façade indulges various lines and forms, making it interactive and proactive for the students to engage with and then with themselves too.

Creche A Facade Narrative by rbhu-Rajkot-Sheet4

The nature of a solid wall is breaking through lines, forms, and windows, creating their own stories with their own unique nature in the façade. The metal door and windows create a unique experience between the inside and outside making it more of playschool.


About office

rbhu [ruh-boo] is a Sanskrit word meaning “builder, artist, prudent, skilled, clever”

At rbhu, we believe every idea has a process to build. We believe in the processthrough the act of shaping spaces and objects that deeply impact our relationshipfrom the nuances of our everyday experiences.

We engage, create, and inspire through our experience in interior-architectural design, art direction, and visual design to create storylines that connect emotionally with audiences and are conceptual, functional, and simple.Collaborative design practice, operating under the aegis of rbhu, finds its home in Rajkot, Gujarat, India.



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