Located in a charming two-storey house, the flagship Cheese Dairy restaurant beckons with its unique concept centred around homemade cheese. Stepping through the entrance, guests are immediately captivated by the sight of a milk-white-tiled bar and a kitchen counter, ideal spots to observe a process of food preparation. The restaurant’s design team went to great lengths to ensure a seamless integration of the kitchen, opting for thin cross-sections of tree trunks meticulously embedded in a pristine white panel.

Embracing the absence of sharp edges and corners, the interior boasts a harmonious interplay of smooth and bionic lines.

Architects: STUDIO SHOO
Area : 300 m²
Level: 1st and 2nd floors
Year : 2022
Photographs : Sergey Krasyuk
Manufacturers: Decorative light, chairs, furniture are designed according to STUDIO SHOO sketches

Cheese Diary Restaurant by studioshoo - Sheet5
©Sergey Krasyuk

Dedicated to crafting an immersive experience, the team was painstakingly attentive to the details. Velvet stucco walls exude a luxurious texture, while furniture showcases the natural beauty of wood textures, complemented by generously sized fabrics. The solid oak flooring lends an air of sophistication, further enhanced by porcelain lighting fixtures that grace the space.

Every element within the Cheese Dairy restaurant has been thoughtfully designed to evoke a sense of familiarity and nostalgia for its guests. Solid oak tables and gracefully curved bentwood chairs create an inviting ambiance. The weathered plank flooring and shelves adorned with stacked wood logs add a touch of rustic charm. Handmade clay water jugs and vases provide an artisanal touch, while sculptural candle holders near the fireplaces exude a captivating allure.

Drawing inspiration from the soothing hues of warm milk and the vibrant greens of lush landscapes, the interior design seamlessly weaves in elements reminiscent of the countryside. The team sought to strike a balance between the renowned Cheese Dairy style and the historical essence of the building. They ingeniously incorporated textures of actual tree trunks, juxtaposed against pristine white surfaces, creating stunning collages throughout the space.

Cheese Diary Restaurant by studioshoo - Sheet7
©Sergey Krasyuk

On the first floor, round tables accommodate large groups of friends, while strategically placed French sofas allow for flexible table arrangements by the windows. Upstairs, two working fireplaces exude a cosy ambiance. One of them has undergone meticulous restoration according to the team’s explicit instructions and now showcases a captivating sculpture of David’s head, paying homage to the heritage of the Cheese Dairy brewery factory.

Cheese Diary Restaurant by studioshoo - Sheet9
©Sergey Krasyuk

The historical building’s innate charm is gracefully accentuated by bursts of colour. Deepening shades of mustard yellow, chocolate, and green seamlessly intertwine with the antique walls, forming bold combinations. Sunlight floods through the expansive windows, creating an illusion of boundless space while dancing upon the white walls. To achieve warm accent lighting, minimalistic decorative porcelain lamps adorn the high ceilings, casting a gentle glow throughout the room.


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