The beginnings of Fratelli restaurant reach back to year 1998, however recently a new life was breathed into it – a life which expresses changes occurring in the city. The main design assumption was to utilize the glass elevation and create an open space overlooking greenery and surrounding buildings.

Project Name: FRATELLI restaurant
Studio Name: ofisovnia
Design Team: Bartłomiej Cieśla, Tomasz Żelazko (ofisovnia)
Area: 300 sqm
Year: 2019
Location: Mielec (Poland)
Consultants: Jacek Majewski (Reinforced concrete structure design), Olga Kozik (architect), Monika Kałuża (architect)
Photography Credits: Wojciech Kokoszka (

Fratelli by Ofisovnia - Sheet6
©Wojciech Kokoszka (

There is therefore why the centrally located reinforced concrete pillar was designed. It has multiple service functions as it serves as a bar, restrooms, greenery flowers wall, a vertical service shaft. Thanks to this solution an easy communication was enabled – all around the pillar, between drink and sushi bars and dining tables located next to elevation windows.

Fratelli by Ofisovnia - Sheet7
©Wojciech Kokoszka (

Based on the investor’s guidelines, materials used in restaurant were to be timeless and damage resistant. Those were chosen on basis of contrasts. Raw and solid components were contrasted with soft and pleasant to the touch ones. Raw construction elements made of concrete and steel stood in opposition to natural wood flooring and wooden furniture as well as wired glass, renovated metal lamps, finned tube radiators and aneroid barometers stood in opposition to velvet armchairs and curtains. This solution deepened a contrast between what is raw and what is soft. A comfortable feeling was also created by natural greenery coming from different living plant walls.

©Wojciech Kokoszka (

As a result the restaurant is damage resistant and after three years of functioning it has not lost its newness.. Fratelli became an iconic dining spot in the city, where an exceptional cuisine is prepared by Chef Andrzej Harla. It became successful to the point where it is difficult to make table reservations for evenings.


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