The Norwegian National Rail Administration and Asker municipal wanted a bicycle hotel near Asker station. This offer connected to the station area will stimulate to bigger use of the bicycle and the public transport.

Project Name: Asker Bicycle Hotel
Studio Name: mmw architect

Asker Bicycle Hotel by mmw architect - Sheet4
©mmw architect

Simultaneously as the parking lot is organized for the commuter traffic, will this space also be open for all the cyclists who use the centrum of Asker.

The statistics shows that there are more bikes parked near the station then there are enough available parking for use. A new space for parking would clean up the area for wrong parked bikes outside the station and at the same time stimulate to increased bigger use of the bicycle as transport. This new parking space would also help reduce the number of bicycle thefts in Asker center.

Asker Bicycle Hotel by mmw architect - Sheet7
©mmw architect

This bicycle hotel is planned at the northside of Asker station, over the existing parking space for bicycles and slope which is now planted with shrubs.

By building a bicycle hotel in two floors, then the second floor can be connected to the road above and create access for cyclist that are coming from the upper side via a ramp.

This parking space will be free to use for everyone, but in the first floor only members will have access.

At the first floor there will also bee offered some facilities for maintenance of the bike.

©mmw architect

The construction is covered with pre-fabricated lacquered steel sheets. The steel sheets pattern is designed especially for Asker, with inspiration from the bark of the oak trees.

This pattern lets the sun light come through and together with other lightning the building will be well lightned up, which will create security for the people using the stearway by night.

The building function as a shield between the town square and the railway and mutes the sound of the trains that running past.

The volume and shape of the building will be a meeting in-between the organic-shaped bank building and the station building.


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