Specialising in lighting, furniture, barware and home accents, the New Delhi-based brand Renovation Factory has mastered the art of Home Décor while keeping true to its ideals of combining functionality and luxury. The brand has now launched an exquisite collection of Catalan coffee tables and end tables.

Project Name: Catalan Coffee Tables & End Tables
Studio Name: Renovation Factory

Catalan Coffee Tables & End Tables by Renovation Factory - Sheet2
©Renovation Factory

Catalan Coffee Table – Champagne & Silver 

Designed around the core structure of a hexagon, the coffee table from the Catalan Collection echoes an Egyptian grandiose unmatched. The hexagon metal ring extends itself with dome arms, to a black tint hexagon glass top, in a metal body in an aged champagne finish and in a rustic silver finish.

Catalan Coffee Tables & End Tables by Renovation Factory - Sheet3
©Renovation Factory

Catalan end table set of 2 – Champagne & Silver

End tables that form the same shape on the top with a brown and black tint glass, as they do on the bottom in the form of a metal hexagon, with an aged champagne finish and in a rustic silver finish. The perfect pieces to express your modern taste in a design with an effect of power and grandiose.

Catalan Coffee Tables & End Tables by Renovation Factory - Sheet4
©Renovation Factory

These stunning and creative products wrapped in the texture of skills craftsmanship and artistry can instantly uplift any space. The coffee tables and end tables are a perfect fit for contemporary design and spaces to add an eclectic yet refined look.

About the Brand

The story of Renovation Factory commenced with a quest to create an assortment of bold, inspiring objects striving for a visionary reconstruction of contemporary spaces. Created with authenticity and engineered to perfection, our objects have been handcrafted through generational techniques by our master craftsmen.

With its roots established more than 50 years ago, Renovation Factory’s journey started with an inspiration to give a new definition to every home. Every product possesses a classical personality that evokes nostalgia at first glance- but continues to become a familiar, treasured hallmark of voguish elegance.

To showcase the diversity of its materials, Renovation Factory offers an array of colour-coated, textured and iridescent metal and glass, which is finished with exquisite layers of coatings.

As a brand, their inspirations are sought from the elements which are excavated from the Earth’s crust, which is further reinvented with classic textures and a variety of finishes. We create elements that help transform your space into something that represents you and fits perfectly into the blueprint of every corner that it is placed in.


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