Dizengof/99, a new Israeli cuisine cafe, has opened its doors in Moscow, it is the fourth location in the chain. The project was designed by studio UTRO architects. The team drew inspiration from the recognizable bright details of previous interiors, while also incorporating their own vision of a Tel Aviv atmosphere.

Year of opening: 2022
Location: Russia, Moscow
Area: 67 м2
Project team:
Kristina Alexandrova, Olga Rokal and Alena Zaitseva
With the participation of Marina Yarmarkina and Sergey Zhigalev
Photographer: ©Yulia Brattseva
Set designer: Maria Rozhneva

Dizengof99 cafe. by UTRO architectural studio - Sheet4
©Yulia Brattseva

The design of the new cafe boasts its own unique personality, while still paying homage to the recognizable interior solutions of the first Dizengof/99 location. Materials such as plywood, profiled sheet, and white dashes on a black facade were borrowed from the Taganka cafe.

The colors of the new Dizengof/99 are blue-white — the colors of the flag of Israel and the sea and olive — the country’s national tree.

Dizengof99 cafe. by UTRO architectural studio - Sheet5
©Yulia Brattseva

Upon entering, guests are greeted by a bright neon sign featuring the cafe’s logo. Inside, the familiar atmosphere of Dizengof/99 is palpable with branded tables featuring a white tile surface and plywood benches lining the walls.

The compositional center of the cafe is a large blue table in the shape of a sea-washed stone with matching chairs and natural Olive. The table has different usage scenarios and can be transformed into two separate ones for smaller groups, and is illuminated by lamps in the form of dashes, a nod to the facade of the first project on Taganka. These lamps, made to resemble seagulls hovering over the sea, are also reflected in the vinyl floor stickers throughout the cafe.

Dizengof99 cafe. by UTRO architectural studio - Sheet7
©Yulia Brattseva

The space was previously occupied by a poke cafe. The design team chose to preserve and adapt certain elements of the past interior, such as the entrance group, cabinets, and some of the built-in furniture. Most of the furniture is made according to our individual drawings.

Dizengof99 cafe. by UTRO architectural studio - Sheet8
©Yulia Brattseva

The bathroom area is a standout feature, filled with various elements that capture the guest’s attention. An old tile with a patterned ornament was uncovered during preparation and was kept as an unusual design element, highlighted by textured plaster around the edges. The concept of dashes from the main hall is continued here with mirrors in the form of stripes on the wall and a disco ball, creating bright light reflections throughout the space.


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