The YOURS boutique hotel project was born with the rehabilitation of a historic and protected residential building in the Ruzafa neighbourhood, in the centre of Valencia. The main criteria of the project have been the enhancement of the pre-existence, through the recovery of its protected elements and  the tireless search for detail in the entire complex.

Studio Name: ESEIESA Arquitectos

Design Team:

  • Irene Soriano Navarro
  • Alfredo Santonja Llabata Area: Architecture

Year: 2019-2021
Location: 19 Cuba street, 46006, Valencia, Spain
Photography Credits: Alfonso Calza

Yours Boutique Hotel by ESEIESA Arquitectos - Sheet5
©Alfonso Calza

Although the first intention was to maintain as many elements of the existing building as possible, the poor condition of the structure made this unfeasible. Finally, it was decided to maintain the current façade, which was also protected, and project a new structure and distribution inside.

YOURS boutique hotel has a total of 12 spacious rooms with private bathrooms and a multifunctional space on the ground floor with a seating area and an interior patio, where there is also a small pool. Likewise, the rooms on the upper floors have a kitchen space and a double-height space with sloping ceilings.

Yours Boutique Hotel by ESEIESA Arquitectos - Sheet7
©Alfonso Calza

Fair-faced concrete is the common thread of the entire project and its choice was not an aesthetic decision, rather it was a technical and structural decision, due to the fact that it is a tertiary and protected building, there are strong limitations with the heights of the spaces, that’s why we decided to work with thin concrete slabs of 19cm., to which we could not add the pavement in order to be able to comply with the regulatory limitations of free height. The result, an aesthetic marked by polished floors and exposed concrete ceilings, carefully integrating the beams with the pillars, matching all their edges to frame the most relevant spaces in each room.

For the rest of the elements, it has been used a tone very similar to exposed concrete along the project, creating a very neutral colour palette integrated into the entire building, which contrasts with the black details of lighting, metallic and wooden carpentry.

Lighting also represents a key element in the comfort of the use of space, a very scenic lighting has been sought, allowing the creation of intimate and warm spaces with various configurations according to the needs of its occupants. In addition, the lighting had to be thought from the beginning, since in the structure phase all the wiring had to be incorporated inside the slabs.

Yours Boutique Hotel by ESEIESA Arquitectos - Sheet9
©Alfonso Calza

At YOURS boutique hotel, every detail has been studied with the aim that its guests enjoy a relaxing feeling given by the pleasure of a few days of disconnection.

Conceived as an oasis in the heart of the city, the layout of the spaces, the choice of materials and the design work together to create special and calm environments inside the building.


ESEIESA Arquitectos is a Spanish architecture studio which was born with the association of the architects Irene Soriano and Alfredo Santonja, with the aim of creating a multidisciplinary studio where both architecture and virtual architecture services could be offered.

ESEIESA architects approaches each of their projects as an opportunity to improve spaces, focusing on the well-being of the people who are going to inhabit them. In the field of architecture and urban planning, they have carried out very diverse projects, ranging from the redevelopment of part of the historic centre of Cheste, Valencia, to the comprehensive rehabilitation and conversion to a hotel of a historic building in the Ruzafa neighbourhood, Valencia. Going through new construction projects, homes, reforms, and interior design projects.

In the virtual field, with more than 30 years of experience, they offer services related to 3D images, audio- visual and virtual representation of architecture and  engineering, working both for the administration and for private companies. During this time, they have had the opportunity to participate in many projects, from historical reconstructions, buildings for tertiary use, large promotions, competitions for construction companies, etc.

Currently they have begun to work and also specialize in the design of  new  construction  houses. Working on the construction of these single-family homes, they combine design and technique to build spaces with which the user feels identified, adapting to the needs of each one and the place where they are.


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