As if it were an oasis in the urban fabric of the city of Valencia, the Horchatería Cal Carrero provides the San Isidro neighborhood with a unique space of its kind.

Studio Name: 022 estudio
Design Team: Víctor Riquelme, Nerea Simón, Jesús Riquelme, Celia Iribarren & Fernando García
Area: 97 m2
Year: 2022
Location: Valencia, Spain
Photography Credits: German de la Hoz

Horchatería Cal Carrero by 022 estudio - Sheet2
©German de la Hoz

The essence of the building is the common thread of this project in which 022 estudio has unraveled the ins and outs of a particular construction.

Today, Cal Carrero stands in an old car workshop, located on one of the ground floors of a peculiar farmhouse that, throughout the years, has seen many different activities taking place within its four walls.

Horchatería Cal Carrero by 022 estudio - Sheet3
©German de la Hoz

The connection between the exterior and the interior was an aspect to be promoted, both because of the vestiges of what it was, and the privileged terrace that this place has.

Without falling into the obvious, for this design, 022 estudio bets on elements that generate winks, both to the particular tradition of the space, as well as to the product that will now be served in it and to the native culture.

Inside the premises, a single diaphanous space, only fragmented by the private areas and business services, solves the entire program aimed at the client. When accessing the interior space, the role of ice cream and horchata becomes. The bar, bounded in its volume by vaults reminiscent of the roof of some cars, presides over the space.

©German de la Hoz

On both sides of the entrance, different reinterpretations of seats covered by a system similar to that of the bar, generate various types of accommodation for the clientele.

The pavement plays a role of marking zones at ground level, defining the access and represent a road level and a sidewalk level.

The materiality and color range of this project honor the Valencian culture. Ceramics and colors from the lagoon and the orchard define a cozy space.


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