The consequence of the increasing convenience of modern life is that we need to make more decisions every day than before. Through each decision, our own tags and personality would be gradually established. “Pursuit” is the motivation of life, after every harvest and loss, it would become the thickness of life.

Project Name: Crystal Hotel
Studio Name: Vermilion Zhou Design

Client │Huazhu Group Ltd
Address │No. 2, Lane 46, Luding Road, Putuo District, Shanghai
Design Team │Creative Director|Kuang Ming(Ray) Chou
Concept Design|Ting Ho
Interior Design|Garvin Hung, Jim Wang, Hong Chen, Chen Hu, Zoe Zhao, Changsong Li, Sihu Zhang,  Bo Liu
Lighting Design|Vera Chu, Chia Huang Liao
FF&E Design|Sundi
Graphic Design|Sam Shi
Video|Sam Shi, Ting Ho
Photographer|Yunpu Cai
Photos|Huazhu Group Ltd

Crystal Hotel By Vermilion Zhou Design - Sheet6
©Yunpu Cai

The texture of the crystal comes from purity and penetration without impurities. Only under strong light, the crystal can reflect the colors rainbow. The texture of life is also gradually refined and turning bright after polishing, then send out a charming luster.

Crystal Hotel By Vermilion Zhou Design - Sheet11
©Yunpu Cai

Modern intercity travel is always busy and hurried,we are forced to get used to self-isolation unconsciously from the chaos and noise. In the new version of Crystal Hotel, our design gets back to essence and purity. In terms of accommodation experience, providing “fine-quality” and “proper feeling” for guests are our goals. Lighting guides the guests into the hotel, transforming through different objects and spaces, which instantly release guests from the pressure of busy life. “Whiskey” is the theme of our hotel, just like a British gentleman leads you into an exclusive club. When the guests get a little tipsy,they can still be surrounded by comfort and purity.

Crystal Hotel By Vermilion Zhou Design - Sheet10
©Yunpu Cai

Keeping both open and private, the “Fine-Quality” is reflected in the visible and touchable texture; “Proper Feeling” ensures that the perception would be transformed positively once the guest enters the hotel. The new Crystal Hotel is trying to create an accommodation experience that is luxurious but not extravagant, essential but not artificial. Through the washing and refraction of light, we filter out the noise as well as discomfort of travel. Every stay can offer the completed rest, to let the guests shine their light again.

About Vermilion Zhou Design Group

In 2002, Vermilion Zhou Design Group was founded by Kuang Ming (Ray)Chou (Founder / Creative Director) and Vera Chu (Founder / Lighting Design Director) in Shanghai. Later in 2009, with Garvin Hung(Interior Design Director) joining the team, Vermilion Zhou Design Group has completed more than 800 projects across countries in Asia-Pacific. The team has provided services to a variety of clients, ranging from public spaces, residential spaces to commercial spaces such as hotels, offices, restaurants.

At Vermilion Zhou Design Group, they never stop breaking boundaries and embracing new possibilities. Most importantly, the aspiration for the oriental modern lifestyle is what their designs are built upon, which also forms Vermilion Zhou’s unique identity in the field. To achieve a fine balance between functions and aesthetics in the design, the team is made up of creative minds from architecture, interior, lighting, graphic, and product design backgrounds to gain different perspectives in each project. Their ultimate goal is to succeed in creating highly functional designs that take people on a joyful and exquisite journey.


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