INNside Out is a Holiday Cottage, an exciting beach resort cottage project proposal. The brief was to design a 50 Sq.M vacation rental cottage on an island for a couple. However, the essence of the brief was to propose a structure that takes full advantage of the scenic site and functions to be a getaway from the busy city life.

Project Name: INNside Out
Studio Name: Studio SB

©Studio SB

The concept is developed taking into consideration the idyllic site location. Three main functions; the living, the bedroom and the bathroom are defined by three individual blocks. The first impression of the design is however conceptualized to be a bold element, ‘the wall’.  Colossal and stark in its behaviour, the wall is what a person sees at the first glance completely unaware of what lies behind, adding a flavor of curiosity as one approaches the site.

The three blocks are held together by an organic roof perforated by pargolas, allowing the light to penetrate inside.  To withstand the pressures of strong winds from the sea and expose maximum span of facade to the sea view, the blocks are tilted with curved walls that add an aesthetic statement to the design. Introducing a small void between the three blocks, made way for a small entrance courtyard creating a dialogue between the built and the landscape.

©Studio SB

With the concept of openness and transparency, the layout is characterized such that the structure takes full advantage of the island, creating picturesque vistas from every angle. We imagined a cottage amidst nature, soundly communicating with it. Maximum area of the structure is toughened glass, making the structure transparent and open.

Toughened glass endures the island’s severe winds as well as provide unobstructed views of the sea and island. The sliding glass however, once opened, blurs the line between the inside and the out, merging them both and creating an experience in itself. Introduction of pergolas created a play of light and shadow making the structure porous.

©Studio SB

A small open kitchenet has been provided with a fridge and a small bar defined just by a platform. The kitchen platform opens up to the deck area which has a dining table for two. A recessed fire pit adds to the whole vibe enhancing the mood of the vacation and stands out as one of the most experiential elements of the design. A pool lies just between the bathroom and bedroom block, visually connected to the sea. The bathroom has been designed with a bath tub. A skylight on the roof of the bathroom is created to give an open to sky bath experience.

A palette of timber and natural stone procured from the site along with toughened glass and concrete has been used to combat the moisture fraught air, bright sunlight, saltwater corrosion and strong winds. The cottage uses filtered sea water for drainage, sinks and toilet. The porosity of the structure keeps it naturally ventilated and well lit, making it sustainable in its approach.

©Studio SB

The overall ideology of the design is to offer the guests shelter and comfort underlining the dramatic experience of the elements outside; the sea, the landscape, the sand, and the weather, creating a holistic aura, just perfect for a vacation getaway on an island, amidst nature.


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