OMNOMNOM – is the recently opened Vegan Café, located at the Futura HUB, Lviv. The Café has a friendly atmosphere and it offers a wide variety of organic meals. The Café aims to develop and improve the philosophy of life and its quantity.

Project name: OM NOM NOM vegan cafe in Futura HUB
Architect’s Firm: replus design bureau
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Firm Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Project location: Kulparkivska Street, 200 A Lviv, Ukraine, 79071
Completion Year: 2019
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot):  380 sq.m.
Lead Architects:  Khrystyna Badzyan, Vitalii Kulchytskyy, Dmytro Sorokevych

Photo credits: Sosnov Max
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OM NOM NOM – FUTURA HUB by replus design bureau - Sheet11
© Sosnov Max

Restaurant’s area is 380 square meters that promote rational use of natural resources and healthy lifestyle. The Authors of this place have successfully developed a general concept of simple, natural and concise open space, perfectly zoned with furniture. There are two floors available for visitors: first one with the massive central concrete barrack, and the second one offers a variety of cozy places to hang out. The interior has been designed mostly with industrial building materials, moreover, its designers decided not to use standard ceramic tables, so the place is full of authentic wooden tabletops. The walls are decorated with paintings of animals and birds.

OM NOM NOM – FUTURA HUB by replus design bureau - Sheet13
© Sosnov Max

The unique feature of the restaurant is that the OMNOMNOM is full of the living trees inside. Along with the wooden furniture, it seems to be tastefully decorated together with the concrete walls. Overall, the visual appearance is unforgettable together with fabric chairs, fine wood interior and the neon sign above the entrance. The lightening of the placement also plays the significant role in the appearance thanks to multiple suspended light sources. Industrial accents of the interior harmonize with the environment and the urban landscape in general.


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