The project is located on Chizar Sq. in Tehran, Iran. It covers a surface of 300 sq. The initial position of the project aims to provide a unique Restaurant where knowledge sparks will be lighted through multidisciplinary communication.

Lomenz Restaurant
Architect: Mohammad Kanisavaran
Design Staff: Majid Kanisavaran, Seyed Mohsen Fatemi
Branding: Golnessa Mottahed
Structural Engineer: Ms. Izadi
Contractor: Mr. Izadi
Client: Mr. Izadi
Photography: Deed Studio
Lighting consultant: FAD Co.
Date: 2018.03.06
Area: 300 m2
Location: Chizar Sq. Tehran, Iran.

Lomenz Restaurant by Kanisavaran Architectural - Sheet2
© Deed Studio

The concept of this design roots in the traditional form of Iranian architecture. Space is characterized by the use of traditional arch form, which visually defines the space organizing the functional program: an amazing Entrance, kitchen, dining areas, a virtual reality room, and coffee shop.

In order to achieve a modern space alongside a symbol of Iranian architect for the users, two groups of semicircular arches are set in the main hall and they continued to the facade. These overhead arches aim to separate the whole large space into several delicate smaller zones which sound fields are more focused and clear.

Lomenz Restaurant by Kanisavaran Architectural - Sheet4
© Deed Studio

The mix of different natural and artificial materials (Traditional tile pattern, Black stone, black iron profiles, white gypsum wallboard) offers a combination of rough and smooth surfaces introducing a sense of spatial tension in the generally cozy and warm atmosphere.

Lomenz Restaurant by Kanisavaran Architectural - Sheet5
© Deed Studio

The furniture with different styles and placements can perfectly meet every single customized need. If necessary, this space can serve as a subordinate zone for the main hall. Light and shadow, white and black color are the best decorators for this space and that is why only the simplest materials are employed.

Lomenz Restaurant by Kanisavaran Architectural - Sheet6
© Deed Studio

As to the artificial illumination, we devoted to creating an elegant and peaceful atmosphere, reflecting the inner nature of the architectural space and fulfilling the daily using needs and can further shape the space or atmosphere the users need. The ultimate goal of the whole practice is to reach a perfect integration of architectural design and building technologies.


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