This project is part of an approach to reorganize the Sports City of Cáceres planned by the Junta de Extremadura. This is a first small actuation focused on the garden and the café-bar by the pool.  This global vision of the Sports City is undertaken from a landscape point of view, to give a uniform atmosphere to all buildings.

Project name: Coffee Bar in Cáceres
Company name: Picado de Blas
Instagram: @picadodeblas
Project location: Ciudad deportiva Cáceres
Photo credits: Amores Pictures  

Coffee Bar in Cáceress By Picado de Blas - Sheet3
©Amores Pictures

The awning is divided with the structure and invades part of the green area. When being able to be operated manually by sectors causes a simple interaction with the user. Its intense yellow color is surprisingly integrated in the autumn, with the leaves of the poplars and fig trees of the field and in summer, being the complementary color to the blue sky, it generates a playful and pleasant sensation when creating contrast of colors.

Coffee Bar in Cáceress By Picado de Blas - Sheet5
©Amores Pictures

To carry out this new intervention the land is modified and a rectangular block is added with a small kitchen and a threshold to shade the table area of the bar. All this encompassed in a sustainable landscape project, to cause the minimum impact in the current garden, and ensure the maximum integration of the building in the environment.

Coffee Bar in Cáceress By Picado de Blas - Sheet7
©Amores Pictures

The lands from the excavation are reused for the planting of the garden. The species used ensure the direct views of bathers on the café-bar. The vegetal species selected are native and with low maintenance, which makes this garden sustainable. It also maintains all the existing vegetation in the surroundings, giving shelter and shade to the swimmers who are not protected under the threshold.

Coffee Bar in Cáceress By Picado de Blas - Sheet8
©Amores Pictures

Uses and materials:

The building is considered as a small and large piece (2,80m x 22,5m large) built with a metallic and light structure and a galvanized sandwich panel, there is also a service bar to the exterior placed under the retractable awning divide by the arcade, when the sunshade folds it keep protected under a methacrylic piece. The material of the tables and benches is viroc, resistance to the weather.

The program inside the interior of the piece correspond to the use of kitchen with the minimum installations needed by a café-bar.


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