Opened in 2019, Para Gastroteka is a Pincho (Pintxos) bar located in Ankara-Turkey, serving modern European cuisine coming from the Basque region. The concept for the restaurant is drawn from pincho culture as it is a strong socializing component in most bars and taverns in Northern Spain.

Project information
Name: Para Gastroteka
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Construction Area: 280 sqm
Project Year: 2018
Year of Completion: 2019
Program: Restaurant
Client: Crew Group 

Design team information
Design: GEO_ID
Branding: GEO_ID
Implementation: GEOMETRE
Collaborators: Furniture- Tom, Textiles- Maharam
Illustrations: GEO_ID
Photo Credits: Emre Dörter

Paragastroteka By GEO_ID - Sheet2
©Emre Dörter

Similar to tapas, pinchos are small snacks served in individual portions but spiked to a piece of bread with a skewer and arranged beautifully on the bar counter. Most Pincho bars have a similar characteristic; an open buffet/bar layout, wooden elements and moldings. Taking it as basics to the project and let it play a major role in the development of overall concept, a traditional experience in a modern manner is created through a systematic wall and ceiling application spreading across the entire space. Bringing a humanly scale and a cozy ambiance to almost six-meter-high space, the modules comprise several wooden panels with moldings at different shapes and sizes and create a unique architectural language not only serving as a tool to trace the essence of Pincho bar culture but also defines the entire space.

Paragastroteka By GEO_ID - Sheet5
©Emre Dörter

Mirrors are central elements for creating a dynamic atmosphere as they are fitted into similar wooden frames and hanged at certain parts. These complement each other with the background and create a unified visual form. Apart from the framed mirror panels, large mirrors also cover the walls behind the dining area to reflect the botanical garden just outside in the open space; the link between interiority and exteriority is achieved allowing the beautiful greenery inside.

Paragastroteka By GEO_ID - Sheet6
©Emre Dörter

Pincho bars are regarded as a cornerstone of local culture and society; to interpret this culture and lifestyle onto our project, the bar is positioned as the main element and focal point of the restaurant; as it is the place where gathering and socializing is most occurrent. The structure above the bar is designed in an intricate and complex form offering several functions; the hanging elements at different levels are intertwined with it each other creating shelves for bottles/glasses and plants, as well as serving as lighting elements. Lighting design is kept simple with bulbs hanging from the ceiling to co-op with friendly atmosphere.

Paragastroteka By GEO_ID - Sheet7
©Emre Dörter

Bold colors are used to create a contrasting effect and to break away from the neutral background. Orange and blue tones were selected for seating elements like the chairs and the lounge seating. To create a contrast between wooden elements, different palettes were selected for different applications; the walls and the ceiling panels were produced in warmer colors while the furniture were produced in a much darker wood. The floor is covered in modular tiles that are composed of little mosaic ceramic pieces. The pattern created in each module is repeated throughout the space and created an abstract pattern highlighting the Basque motifs. Same material is also used toilettes yet, this time in plain to team up well with dark wooden furniture and doors.


Founded in 2013 in partnership with renowned design firm GeoMIM, Geo_ID is an innovative multifaceted studio providing an all-encompassing approach to interior design.

With a team of young creatives from varying design fields, Geo_ID develops unique narratives focusing on revolutionizing all aspects of design, from the brand identity to visually and spatially harmonious interiors. Fitted accordingly to the specific needs and requests of their clients, Geo_ID covers all creative levels that are necessary to bring identity and soul to each design.

Starting off with a clear understanding of the context and determining the values that define the project, Geo_ID devices space settings by putting human experience in the center of design. Always in search for the new, and well-connected to the current changes in everyday lifestyles, the studio offers sophisticated space creations with young spirit and essence that is true to their culture and innovative–modern day design approach.

Based in Istanbul, young studio boasts a fresh luxury portfolio from Turkey and the Middle East. Ranging from high-end hotels to boutiques and restaurants, few examples are W Hotel Istanbul, Turkey’s first “Grand Boutique Resort” Maxx Royal Kemer, Bebek Hotel by The Stay, Petra Cafe, Paragastroteka, Huqqa and The Market Dubai.


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