Possibilities and life hidden in wastes
The project started with the designer team’s visit to a large recycle facility. In the visit, classified and stacked waste materials as well as machine oil marks seen everywhere revealed a sense of loose rhythm and order. This made the facility look like a natural ecosystem, from which, the “industrial relic” roughly imagined by our designers became increasingly clear.

Interiors designers: Leaping Creative
Year: 2019
TFD Hong Kong K11 MUSEA Store By Leaping Creative - Sheet3
©Courtesy of Leaping Creative

All materials are dismantled, crushed and compressed into other shapes. In this recycle process, everything, regardless of metals, plastics or paper, gradually loses its original shape. How would these materials present themselves should a future world exist in which industrial remains are everywhere? What possibilities will they experience in the context of experimental contemporary design? With a strong curiosity, we started our design and experiment.

The experience of constructing a space by focusing on installations:
Stories about the reconstruction and rebirth of industrial remains are narrated
From experimental use of materials to the design of store space, everything happened without extra effort. By using the installation approach, designers have achieved the expression in a more artistic and more emotional manner.

TFD Hong Kong K11 MUSEA Store By Leaping Creative - Sheet4
©Courtesy of Leaping Creative

For the purpose of intensely touching and leaving strong memories to visitors, designers have created scenes around installations in the space of merely more than 100 square meters. Through the translucent PMMA cover that forms the head of this oceanic organism-like life, people can see its “drive”, a scrap engine ever installed in a vehicle manufactured by China National Heavy Duty Truck Group. Materials we have taken back from the recycle facility include not only scrap parts but also a great number of offcuts, which, although brand new, cannot be reused for industrial production.

TFD Hong Kong K11 MUSEA Store By Leaping Creative - Sheet6
©Courtesy of Leaping Creative

Discarded aluminum sheets and strips were placed in certain containers into which resin was then infused, the result of which appears to be artificial amber originated from this changeful era, with the material stored inside being the fossil of time. The same approach was also applied to the making of visual merchandising which echoes the installations.

TFD Hong Kong K11 MUSEA Store By Leaping Creative - Sheet8
©Courtesy of Leaping Creative

The experience of site selection for the project and the visit to the material recycle facility feel like two different tracks which eventually meet at their common destination thanks to the delighting and surprising fate. For the purpose of seeking and harmonizing the future life space and the universal value of environmental sustainability, the design process began with the thinking of ocean and civilization and use of experimental material and ultimately constructed the business space that perfectly conveys core values of the brand.


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