6k coffee is located in Yanglimdong, Junlado Gwangju, Korea. Yanglimdong, the city where Korean modern culture was flourished, is where the missionaries had impacts on Korean-western architectures.

Interiors designers: Limtaehee Design Studio
Area: 50.0 m2
Year: 2018
Photographs: Yeong-chae Park


6K Coffee By Limtaehee Design Studio - Sheet2
© Yeong-chae Park

Yanglimdong still has more buildings from modernization including church and Hanoks, the Korean traditional houses, compared to other cities. Asian modernization in architecture showed many differences from Western architectural modernization.

6K Coffee By Limtaehee Design Studio - Sheet4
© Yeong-chae Park

As Asian culture was getting more civilized and mixed with Western culture, the mixture of tradition and new cultures caused unexpected outcomes. Especially, Korean modernization demonstrated very interesting phenomenons such as rapid changes, mixtures and juxtaposition of Asian and Western cultures instead of gradual diversification. These interesting factors brought us to this project (6k coffee).

6K Coffee By Limtaehee Design Studio - Sheet5
© Yeong-chae Park

Plywood, which is modernized and standardized material, is used as the main material with molding. We borrowed arch, the Western architectural structure, to reflect the mixture and coexisting moods in the interior design. We applied some interesting designs and decorations with disassembled or reedited old furniture. Through fun colors and modern materials, ordinary and extraordinary affects are created. 6k coffee is located at the intersection on the six roads. We placed the kitchen on the site that is most exposed and has a good view to irradiate the workers’ positive and diligent mindsets.


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