The theme of the project is a cafe space combined with KOI aquarium, a type of fish known as the nation of Japan. The work is formed based on a 3-storey old house with a front yard with a total area of ​​88m2 (5.5m x 16m), with the design of a steel frame structure that is easy to execute and remove. In addition, all furniture from the ceiling to the table and chairs are recycled from wooden pallets available from the investor.

Name of project: KOI CAFE
Location: 646- Lang Street- Dong da- Hanoi- Vietnam;
Architect in charge: An Viet Dung; An Thanh Nhan; Pham Ngoc Linh;
Team: Nguyễn Mạnh Linh; Andrea Scalco; Nguyễn Hồng Quân
Firm: Farming Architects;
Type of project: Renovation;
Are: 88m2 (5.5m x 16m);
Completed: 2017;

KOI CAFE By Farming Architects - Sheet2

KOI CAFÉ space makes a first impression by using the traditional Yin and Yang tile of Bat Trang for the facade of the building. The tile layer is like a fish scale covering the entire facade to impress and attract attention by the difference with the surrounding buildings.

KOI CAFE By Farming Architects - Sheet4In the central location is also a part of the highlight for the space inside the building is the waterfall system and water surface flowing down from the 2nd floor. The story of “carp crossing a dance” is cleverly explained in its own language of architecture. The waterfall system is not only aesthetic but also works to create oxygen for the fish to be healthy.

KOI CAFE By Farming Architects - Sheet7

Following the direction of “street agriculture” of Farming Architects when once again the Aquaponics system was applied to cover the entire roof with green of green. The koi fish waste is pumped into plant growing tanks containing baked clay substrates to convert it into nutrients that are supplied to the plants, through osmosis through the cleaned water roots to return to the aquarium.

KOI CAFE By Farming Architects - Sheet8

This is a closed and completely organic cycle without using any chemical stimulants for plants. With the application of Aquaponics to the Koi pond, the restaurant staff can also harvest some green vegetables for their lunches from this system. This Aquaponics street farming model combines Japanese Koi fish farming that can be fully replicated to meet the Koi hobby of the people as well as be able to add some green vegetables for daily meals.


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