CANANA L.A is a young couple who have launched a company dedicated to the production, bottling and sale of different kinds of beer.

Project Name: Canana L.A. Brew
Architect Name: Martín Lejarraga Architects

Canana L.A. Brew By Martín Lejarraga _ Architects - Sheet2CANANA is located in La Aljorra, L.A., a small village in the south-east of Spain, which can be reached by roads with echoes of Los Angeles, surrounded by a landscape which resembles its palms with the hills of Santa Monica in the distance.

Canana L.A. Brew By Martín Lejarraga _ Architects - Sheet5CANANA L.A is an adventure; a beer made with attention and love in a former agricultural tools warehouse, which was built by their family and friends: the friends were masons, the father electrical installer and the godfather the carpenter. And that is why it is that way.

Canana L.A. Brew By Martín Lejarraga _ Architects - Sheet7CANANA L.A is a good beer full of interesting shades in its flavor; and a friendly bar, nice and cosy.

Martin Lejarraga. Architect

Martin Lejarraga. Architect by Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid – ETSAM (1987), with office in Cartagena, Murcia, since 1991.

Works selection:

– New buildings:

Loop Inn Hostel (Cartagena), Public and primary school ^Nuestra Señora del Rosario^, Library and Reading Park (Torre Pacheco), University Campus (Lorca), MUCAB (Blanca), House for a swimmer (Espinardo), Elevator – Access – Civil War Shelters and mixed use building (Cartagena), 8 Social Housing (La Unión), Rural Activity Center (Cartagena), General Services Building and Support Centre for Research and development – CAID (Murcia) and Military Navy Headquarters (Cartagena).

– Rehabilitation:

Tivoli building restoration and extension (Cartagena), Loop Homes Palace – Rehabilitation of palatial patio houses from 19th century for residence (Granada), Rehabilitation and adaptation of building for Student Center ^Casa del Estudiante^ (Cartagena), Casa Dorda building restoration and extension (Cartagena), Housing-Study for a painter (Cartagena), Housing for a painter and two cats (Cartagena), MURAM – Aguirre Palace restoration and extension (Cartagena), Public Library – Rehabilitation of San Joaquin and San Pascual Convent (Cieza) and Rehabilitation of Military Navy Hospital and Antigones Barracks (Cartagena).

– Interior design:

CANANA LA Brew Pub (La Aljorra), El Cuervo Jazz Bar (Cartagena), MARINO Take Away (Cartagena), iGarpe Offices (San Javier), Principal Bar 1-2 (Cartagena).

– Creative and Exhibition Spaces:

Art Galleries My Name´s Lolita Art (Valencia, Madrid), T-20 (1-2) (Murcia), Espacio Artes Visuales (EAV-Murcia),

Stands in Orgatec and Marmomacc, Arco Stand 2007/00, Chicago 2003/02, La Naval Art Gallery (Arco’08).

Awards selection:

BOY Awards 2018/14, Murcia Regional Architecture Award 2015/11/07/05/03/1997/95/92, BIGMAT Award 2011, FAD Award 2011(Finalist 2019/11/05/04/03/01), Spanish Architecture Biennale 2011/09/05/1998, SIMA Cities Award 2008, COAM Award 2005, Saloni Award 2004, Comunidad Valenciana Architecture Award 2001- finalist, 5th Biennal European of Landscape – Selection, Metápolis 2-3 Encounters.

Guest professor in Architecture Schools such as Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, i42 institute of Murcia. Associate professor in Architecture School of Cartagena.

Interferences and Collaborations with Plastic Artists and other disciplines.

Creator of ^Fachadas^ project.

Co-Director / Editor of La Naval.


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