Gloriette Guesthouse by noa * builds on the tradition of summer holidays at Ritten and adds another link to the chain. On the Bozner’s favourite mountain, a house was created, in which city and country merge together.

Project name: Gloriette
Typology: Hotel
Location: Oberbozen/Soprabolzano – Ritten/Renon (I)
Client: Family Alber, Gloriette Guesthouse
Architecture: noa* (network of architecture)
Interior Design: noa* (network of architecture)
Construction start: January 2018
Completion: July 2018
Intervention: Hotel demolition and new construction
Volume: 6.400 m3
Surface area:
200 m2

Gloriette A travel through time By noa network of architecture - Sheet1

The former small hotel business Bergfink, which was an anchor point in the village structure and nestled amidst the rural-urban structure with all its bourgeois domiciles, built by wealthy Bolzano merchants around the turn of the century, was demolished and a new jewel was created in its place. As the name suggests, it is a gem in the landscape, inspired by the architectural typology in timelessly, elegant Art Nouveau. With the feeling of an era in which, – not at all pompous – the architecture of the city in a simplified form and without giving up completely on luxury and comfort on the Ritten transposed – generous, classic, simple, but not sober.

Gloriette A travel through time By noa network of architecture - Sheet3THE ARCH AS A LEITMOTIF

It was essential for noa* to incorporate locally prevalent elements, such as the arches in the façade, or the hipped roof, which looks back to a long tradition in the village of Oberbozen. At the same time, the rhombus is included; a decorative element that appears amongst the many railroad-houses along the Ritten railway, which connects the different summer holiday destinations. The holistic design approach is clearly visible: numerous details form a common thread running through the entire project.

Gloriette A travel through time By noa network of architecture - Sheet5An interesting aspect is the organization of the hotel that sophisticatedly adapts to the topographic circumstances. The garage thrones the building and its 25 guestrooms, and on which the hotels park extends, from which the seven garden-suites and their private gardens can benefit with delight. Looking over the garden, one can find the public spaces: reception, lobby, the restaurant and it’s extending terrace, which gracefully curve out overlooking the garden with a view that extends to the far horizon.

Gloriette A travel through time By noa network of architecture - Sheet8The blueprint and façade are developed in a close dialogue: what is hidden behind the façade can already be seen from the outside in a unique and unmistakable way, without revealing too much of what goes on in the inside.

noa* – network of architecture
Drususallee 231/Viale Druso 231, I-39100 Bozen/Bolzano / t +39 0471 1880941


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