Located in the Humayun Street of Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi. The cafe aims to bring people from different cultures together through the universal language of food.

Project Name: Cultured Cafe
Studio Name: AND Studio

The cafe is situated in a small dwelling, which presented a challenge of adding an element of elegance to the space while maximizing the 1,200 sq. feet area.

Cultured Cafe by AND Studio - Sheet4
©AND Studio

The design concept focused on creating an open floor plan with an open kitchen to provide the diners with a relaxed vibe and ample sunlight and ventilation. The space features an arched wall with a rugged white texture that adds character to the design.

Cultured Cafe by AND Studio - Sheet6
©AND Studio

The bakery, coffee, and billing counters are enclosed with wooden log inserts. The area is adorned with basic white walls and black and white French-style doors and windows.

Cultured Cafe by AND Studio - Sheet8
©AND Studio

The painted white ceiling serves as a background to custom-made PVC jalis with flowing greenery, creating a captivating ambiance. The design incorporates a teal hue that breaks the monotony of the monochrome color scheme


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