With a long history the Saints Peter and Paul church was easily the grandest building in the suburb. As the community began to evolve and change it came time for the church to do the same.

Project Name: Sts Peter & Paul Church Renovation
Studio Name:
Dion seminara architecture
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Photography: Darren Kerr
Completion date: 2015
Building levels: 2

Sts Peter & Paul Church Renovation by dion seminara architecture - Sheet1
Sanctuary ©Darren Kerr

This importance of community was at the stand point of this renovation with all architectural work being completed on a voluntary basis. The ambo and altar could no longer be left, elevated and isolated at the east end of the nave. In re-imagining the old architecture for a new liturgy, it was important to place the ambo and altar in the centre of the space, in the midst of the gathered Church at prayer.

Sts Peter & Paul Church Renovation by dion seminara architecture - Sheet2
Nave ©Darren Kerr

Without any loss of seating capacity, a central space was created – the colourful tiled floor, the rearranged pews and the careful choice of lighting all help to refocus the attention into the centre, while respecting the east-west axis of the building.

Sts Peter & Paul Church Renovation by dion seminara architecture - Sheet3
Altar & Organ ©Darren Kerr

Careful restoration of the external brickwork, artworks and the original colour scheme make this a sensitive work of preservation and restoration. This renovation and restoration of such a beautiful historic building was a complete success and will be enjoyed by the community for many generations to come.


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