The perfect mix of modern and traditional architecture is fine line where our studio likes to experiment with. We at BLD design studio have tried our hand at this project termed V Conventions.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2022

Project Name: V Conventions
Studio Name: BLD Design Studio
Status: Built
Architects: Ramesh T.
Location: Nolambur , Chennai
Completion year: 2019
Project type: Renovation.

V Conventions by BLD Design Studio - Sheet15This project was a renovation of an existing building.
The corner plot was planned for a wedding hall with the parking on the ground floor, a banquet hall on the first floor, the a main hall with a capacity of 1000 people  on the second floor and the third and final floor has a huge outdoor garden intended for photo shoots and a place to relax from the busy wedding proceedings.

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The site is being overlooked by a flyover. The elevation was designed with the concept of grandeur. A play of materials which would include brick,ACP, concrete finishes and fundermax. The surrounding have been planted with lush vegetation gives a fresh feel.

V Conventions by BLD Design Studio - Sheet8The CNC pattern is a bespoke design done specifically to catch the eyes as it being the focal point of a cross junction. The CNC cut floral pattern on ACP is backlit with acrylic lighting which in enclosed by fundermax pavilions which again forms as a pavilions for the brick cladded walls and balconies.

The fixing of the floral pattern is done by aluminiumchannels that have been placed at a distance of 2’x2′ to ensure stability and a safe guard against the elements. A concrete finish fundermax band runs throughout as though it has been clipped in place to hold the imposing structure. The signage has been placed strategically to ensure it catches the eye at every step.

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V Conventions by BLD Design Studio - Sheet5Interiors

The interior have been given a traditional makeover with wood cladded columns and beams and damask wallpaper.

A pavilion has been created for the stage which is finished with 3M stickering.

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The columns have been treated the same with an acrylic lighting that runs through it joining the other column forming pavilions of light.

The play of lighting through these pavilions added to the grandeur of the interiors this showing a path to the stage.

The chandeliers used are traditional style made of crystal and wood.

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V Conventions by BLD Design Studio - Sheet9To sum up this project
A mix of both modern as well as traditional architecture is seen in the way the elevation as well as the interior. The style of the elevation is modern with a few traditional touches in the way of the floral CNC pattern and it’s vice versa with the interior and traditional style interiors with a few modern touches with the lighting. Thus a harmony has been achieved through it, a balance.


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Rethinking The Future Awards 2022