Teknion Corporation is a workspace solutions designer and manufacturer, offering a holistic range of products and services for the hybrid office. Over four decades of creativity and innovation-fuelled experience have cemented their reputation as an accomplished leader in the workspace services industry.

Project Name: Discover Teknion’s Collaboration Hub: A Fusion of Functionality and Aesthetics in a Hybrid Space
Studio Name: Teknion Corporation

Teknion Corporation Collaboration Hub by Ayushi Vats - Sheet4

The brand personalizes every aspect of its product production, reducing costs and ensuring prompt delivery. It offers a new take on contract furniture, free reign to creativity, extraordinary custom designs, and exceptional flexibility in organizing orders around clients’ needs and expectations. What furniture brands conventionally treat as “specials” is a way of working at Teknion.

Some of its latest products are:

  1. Routes

The Routes range is a refreshing take on contract furniture that offers bold designs on usable products. The collection provides a holistic range of products which can build a boutique studio or even casual word pods in the vast expanse of an open-plan office. Routes endorses mobility in the office space and comprises products conducive to different work setups. It supports change by making or “unmaking” a stretch to think, meet or create. The collection includes architectural developments, such as furniture, lighting, and accessories, that embody new yet familiar forms. Routes is easy to assemble, configure and use.

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  1. POD (Privacy on Demand)

POD is a range of products for a quick office setup in an open-plan workspace. It shapes a comfortable and connected work environment despite being a temporary configuration. Consisting of Tek Booth and Tek Room, the workspace solutions work together to create a diverse range of small-scale private environments. In addition, POD enables countless color palette combinations that suit any corporate aesthetic.

  1. Tek Vue

Tek Vue is a transparent, glazed architectural product that complies to the requirements of today’s workplace. The strategy focuses on single-centre glass and thin-profile frames while providing effortless integration with conventional construction and existing Teknion wall programs.

Tek Vue wall and door programs embody Teknion’s technological ingenuity with a new way of specifying, planning and installing an interior-architectural system. Tek Vue offers the essential elements; a single-centre glass wall program and pared down, yet progressive, pivot and barn door program.

Teknion Corporation Collaboration Hub by Ayushi Vats - Sheet8
  1. Sprout

The Sprout Stool & Table Collection is the brainchild of Danish designer Thomas Pedersen combining effortlines forms with innovative ideas and simple details. Sprout is biophilic in design, representing budding flowers, foliage and branches at varying stages. Each component can be displayed independently, or be part of a larger arrangement of similar or varying colors and textures. Sprout is perfect for workplaces, phone booths, cafeterias, cafes, retail and educational settings.


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