In the historic district of Porta Romana, a new interpretation of the INDA Milan showroom emerges, conceived by Studio Marco Piva.

Project Name: INDA Showroom
Studio Name: SMP
General Contractor: Mascotto Arredamenti
Stylist: Silvia Makita
Photographer: Andrea Martiradonna

INDA Showroom by SMP-Sheet1
©Andrea Martiradonna

This visionary project places a profound emphasis on the individual and the transformative experience of the bathroom—a sanctuary for ritual and relaxation, where harmony is found amidst carefully curated surroundings.

INDA Showroom by SMP-Sheet3
©Andrea Martiradonna

The new INDA Milan showroom is an architectural marvel, guiding visitors through a journey of discovery, showcasing total look collections, customization options, and innovative designs that have solidified the brand’s status as a pinnacle in the industry for both designers and end-users.

Upon entry, the layout exudes spaciousness, accentuated by 13 grand full-height windows spanning across 380 square meters on two levels, with an additional mezzanine and three meeting rooms, alongside service areas.

INDA Showroom by SMP-Sheet5
©Andrea Martiradonna

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the space harmonizes various materials, from exquisite doors to wood paneling, etched glass, and vibrant wallpaper textures, creating an ambiance of elegance and sophistication.

Central to the design concept are the recurring BOX elements, defining the layout and housing eight meticulously crafted bathrooms. Each BOX, adorned with STRIP LEDs for a perpetual glow, is distinguished by a unique color palette, encapsulating a microcosm where furniture, mirrors, lighting, and accessories converge in harmonious compositions.

INDA Showroom by SMP-Sheet9
©Andrea Martiradonna

Additionally, smoked grey WALLS strategically frame the space, guiding visitors through a narrative of Italian excellence. Emblazoned with the motto “A world of possibility,” each wall articulates the brand’s identity through eight evocative keywords, inviting exploration and discovery.

INDA Showroom by SMP-Sheet10
©Andrea Martiradonna

Collaborating with Fratelli Frattini, synonymous with craftsmanship, tradition, and innovation since 1958, INDA enriches its faucet offerings, seamlessly complementing its renowned collections.


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