A collaboration between multi-disciplinary design firm Hames Sharley and international engineer, Aurecon has ensured a hugely successful outcome in Aurecon’s own Darwin office fit-out.

Project Name: Aurecon Workplace Darwin
Studio Name: Aurecon
Project Size: 500 m2
Project Budget: $1000000
Completion Date: 2019
Location: Darwin, Australia
Photography: Shaana McNaught

©Shaana McNaught

Aurecon’s aspiration for the design was to create collaborative, multi-functional spaces conducive to staff building close working relationships and encouraging effective communication.

Workplace ecology was a core element of the client’s brief, with consideration given to the inter-relationships between and among people in the office and the systems in place at work to improve productivity.

©Shaana McNaught

As Aurecon’s cultural symbol, their office had to embody and express the essence of their brand values. This is demonstrated through the layout and types of work settings provided.

A sense of connection to the natural and local environment is achieved through the carefully selected colour palette, materiality, and through the incorporation of biophilic design elements such as sunlight and greenery.

©Shaana McNaught

The outcome is a contemporary workplace that promotes a feeling in staff of comfort, pride and trust. It is an environment that puts people first, builds a sense of community and fosters collaboration.


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