Singapore’s Tallest Building 

8 Shenton Way, a 305-meter-tall tower, with a design that was unveiled by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM). The mixed-use tower draws inspiration from bamboo woods to create an indoor-outdoor vertical village with public spaces, workplaces, retail, a hotel, and homes. The project, which is being carried out in collaboration with DCA Architects, is expected to be finished in 2028 and, along with Marina Bay and CapitaSpring Tower, will become one of Singapore’s newest landmarks. Once finished, it would rank among Asia’s greenest buildings and Singapore’s tallest buildings. 

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The 63-story tower will connect the Greater Southern Waterfront, Singapore‘s Central Business District (CBD), Marina Bay, and the famed Tanjong Pagar district. Ten thousand square metres of elevated public spaces will liven up the roadway and promote more environmentally friendly transportation. The tower will be connected to Singapore’s extensive subterranean pedestrian network to accomplish this, providing direct underground access to the train corridor and the more than 500 km long cycling track.

The design creates a new paradigm for durable and elegant high-rise design in Singapore and abroad by aiming to meet the city’s most unique and strictest sustainability regulations.

The structure will house public, retail, event, and office space, as well as a hotel and residences, and it will be located halfway between the CBD and Marina Bay. Bamboo is used on the outside and inside of the tower, in addition to wood, stone, and terracotta, and the tower’s design was influenced by bamboo wood. The project will include ten thousand square metres of public space, and the second story and building outside will be landscaped. Seven planted terraces will also be installed, one every five or six levels throughout the structure. The façade will use concrete built with recycled aggregates and energy-efficient glass.

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The design is inspired by nature and sustainability. The tower draws its design cues from a bamboo forest, a biophilic building that mimics the vertical features of the natural world. The choice of materials will reduce embodied and operational carbon, from engineered bamboo to terracotta’s zero-waste production. 8 Shenton Way aims for the highest sustainability accreditation in the area, the Building Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) Green Mark Platinum Certification, which equates to 55% energy savings from the baseline. The number of materials used and embodied carbon during construction will be reduced by reusing some of the already-existing infrastructure and foundation on site. The facade will be made of energy-efficient glazing, and its concrete structure will be made of recyclable aggregates when possible. These materials have been certified by the Singapore Green Building Council.

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The project integrates numerous post-pandemic elements across more than 148,000 square meters of floor area, putting renters’ health first. Adaptable interior spaces, antimicrobial materials, improved natural airflow and filtration, contactless technology, antimicrobial materials, large, landscaped outdoor spaces, and a focus on wellness all work together to create a diverse selection of healthier, wellness-focused areas in the center of the city.

The historic Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza in Egypt have chosen Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) and Egypt-based Raafat Miller Consulting (RMC) to redesign the visiting experience. SOM will build 12 million square feet of imaginative and inventive office space in Atlanta’s downtown in collaboration with Goode Van Slyke Architecture and various international businesses. The company also launched the first from-the-ground-up tower at Centennial Yards.


In the wake of the pandemic, architects have never had a more exciting time to experiment with health-driven placemaking. Our plan combines nature, history, accessibility to public transportation, abundant living, healthy workplaces, and vibrant public spaces to create a flourishing hub for the neighborhood. -Nic Medrano, Principal of SOM Design. One of the first post-pandemic mixed-use buildings in the world, this structure was designed expressly with Singapore’s tropical climate in mind, according to SOM partner Mustafa Abadan, with health and wellness as its primary architectural guiding principles.

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This tower will climb 305 meters to become Singapore’s highest skyscraper, with garden terraces raising tropical sceneries from Shenton Way, Anson Road, and Maxwell Road into the sky. 8 Shenton Way will combine post-pandemic design elements, including public areas, retail, offices, hotels, and homes. Additionally, it incorporates a variety of features and services.

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The project, which is the first to be funded by the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore’s CBD Incentive Scheme, aspires to receive Platinum Green Mark Certification from the Building Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA).

Additionally, the construction has landscaping that flows from the street into the building. There are eateries and an outdoor green space on the tower’s second story. A total of more than 10,000m2 of raised, public green space is included in the tower design.

Natural materials with curving edges that create bay windows on nearly every floor define the facade of 8 Shenton Way. The tower’s more than 148,000m2 floor space includes contactless technology, antimicrobial materials, better natural circulation and filtration, adjustable internal areas, and sizable outdoor spaces. There are seven terraces, including one for each floor of the hotel and three for each level of the apartments. This project will be completed in 2028.



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