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Toronto is all in the news, thanks to the construction of the new skyscraper in the city! Presenting to the readers the new, tall structure in the city that would have no trouble standing out from its peers in the city’s financial district. The Canadian Branch of the UK Architecture Studio, BDP Quadrangle has released the designs of the super-structure for 15, Toronto Street, a street already full of hustle- bustle. The project design is a replacement for the already existing 10-story office that was constructed in the early 1960s. It would be a mixed-use tower which consists of office spaces, residential units, along with other amenities. 

Design for Super-Thin Skyscraper in Toronto revealed by BDP Quadrangle - Sheet1
The New Skyscraper of

The Overall Details 

The tower is situated in one corner of the busy city of Toronto, near a 10th-century historical building, thus marking it as one of the finest streets in the city. Hence, this new construction was planned in such a way that it should in no way harm or alter street activities. The entrance to the tower is thus recessed justifying the broadness of the sidewalk, thus creating an elegant accent to the tower and its surroundings. This project is currently in the pre-construction phase with just the schematic designs released as of now.

Design for Super-Thin Skyscraper in Toronto revealed by BDP Quadrangle - Sheet2
The Grand Entrance_

The Minute Details  

The tower is a typical super-skinny structure that resembles more of a pencil, thus also known as the pencil tower-one that has a height at least ten times greater than its width. The limited size of the plot happens to be the most influential factor in this design process. As a result, a wider base that shrinks as one progressed upward, was considered practical by the designers. This would create more stability, reduce the impact structure from the street level and it would offer more usable space.   

The 54-storied building is planned in such a way that it can accommodate a total of 278 apartments with penthouses on the 52nd and 53rd floors as such. The tower is also said to have outdoor terraces on the ground floor and the 11th floor. 

Design for Super-Thin Skyscraper in Toronto revealed by BDP Quadrangle - Sheet
The Tower

The Deliverable | BDP Quadrangle

From the above-speculated design, it is evident that the tower has been designed in an ‘unapologetic nature, while still confining to the design guidelines. 

“Skyscrapers already stand tall, this one standing even taller among its contesting candidates. A tall tale indeed! (Pun intended) 


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