Born on April 24th, 1973, Sachin Tendulkar is one of the greatest batsmen in cricket history. Often referred to as the ‘God of Cricket, he made his test match debut at sixteen and went on to represent the country in various matches for about twenty-four years. All the hard work and discipline paid off In 2007 when he invested a whopping 39 crores INR on a 6000 square feet property, which is now his dream home and features various striking elements. Below are ten surprising facts about this Sachin Tendulkar House.

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Located on Perry Cross Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra, this home Originally belonged to a Parsi family called Dorab Villa and was built in 1926. This home was later reconstructed in 2007 and was meticulously designed and planned. The principal architect for this project is architect Prakash Sapre who designed the home keeping in mind the various principles of Vastu. Different modern elements were added based on the family’s preferences, bringing their vision and desires to life. It took four years to complete the home, and the Tendulkar family moved into the house in 2011.

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The site overlooks the Arabian sea, is a prime location in the Mumbai suburbs, and is home to several other celebrities. Post the reconstruction of this depilated property; it is now worth 79 crores INR. It has ten spacious air-conditioned rooms. In keeping with Sachin’s hobby of collecting luxury cars, the home has two basement levels, which can effortlessly accommodate approximately fifty cars.

Three stories tall, the home hides behind large, dark wooden double doors that are intricately carved with various geometrical patterns. There is extensive use of black marble for flooring around the foyer space, and large potted plants frame the home’s entrance, adding a sense of extravagance to the entry foyer.

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The home, although rooted in elements of Indian architecture, combined various aspects of modern design. This can be further seen in the combination of contemporary pieces of furniture with traditional Indian arches in the background. The Turkish carpet in the formal living room further adds to the interest in the room. The ground floor has a small temple, a dining area, a drawing room, and an area dedicated to his awards. The first floor was designed based on the likings of his kids, and the second floor was based on his and his wife’s fancies. The terrace offers views of the neighborhood and is equipped with a swimming pool and gym equipment, ensuring that the master blaster stays in good shape.

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The living room is endowed with various shades of earthy colors and shades of white and brown, giving a cozy and inviting feeling. The colorful cushions are in stark contrast to the space’s color palette and give it a pop of color without being too overbearing. An armchair can also be seen in the living room. The home is further decorated with various paintings splayed across the walls, frequently seen in his social media videos. Ivory laps and vintage sculptures decorate his house.

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Ornate artworks, the use of shades of green, yellow and black can be seen throughout the home, which contrast one another. The furniture is finished in earthy tones and offers a rustic aesthetic to the home. Various decorative pieces, textured finishes, and the occasional pop of color through throw pillows further enhance the home’s visual appeal. Several large potted plants can also be seen in various pictures of the interiors. Wood has been extensively used in the home, including mahogany and teak.

Given the stressful lives of any man today, the addition of plenty of green spaces within one’s home allows one to seek mental refuge as and when required. What may be an aspiration for many today can be found in plenty in the cricketer’s home. The backyard features rows of palm trees, leafy shrubs, succulents, many tropical species, and a pond, giving the much-needed sense of comfort and refuge to the family. The garden also has outdoor furniture, providing plenty of sitting areas for spending large periods outdoors.

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The textured grey walls of the terrace are in stark contrast to the warm-toned interiors of his home and offer a simple exterior, surprising the viewer once they enter the house. The large palm trees and vines from the backyard add to the simple décor of the terrace. The Tendulkar family is frequently seen doing yoga here in various social media posts.

The home offers good security provisions since the cricketer is routinely visited by his fans. It has high-walled fencing and a surveillance room in the basement.

The kitchen is equipped with various modern cooking appliances, orange cabinets, glossy marble flooring, and black granite counters. The large windows provide sufficient natural light to the interiors of the kitchen while maintaining the necessary privacy. The family enjoys cooking various delicacies in this modern, well-equipped kitchen.

Owning a lavish home with all amenities is a dream for most. Tendulkar’s sheer grit and willpower over the years bore fruit when he fulfilled his dream of owning a house. In addition to being an example of persistence, his home is an excellent example of well-designed interiors and user-centric design. From the finishes to the amenities, this home is a great reflection of the personality of its residents, making it truly one of a kind.

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