The worldwide design competition for the renovation of the EU Parliament Building that is the Paul-Henri SPAAK Building in Brussels has concluded, and the jury has announced the outcome. A team of united European architects won the first prize in this competition. The winning team included architecture firms JDS Architects, Coldefy, Carlo Ratti Associati, NL Architects, and Ensemble Studio together with engineering firms UTIL and Ramboll.

New EU Parliament Building in Brussels to be renewed by JDS + Coldefy + Carlo Ratti Associati + NL Architects + Ensamble Studio - Sheet1
Paul-Henri SPAAK Building Brussels _©
New EU Parliament Building in Brussels to be renewed by JDS + Coldefy + Carlo Ratti Associati + NL Architects + Ensamble Studio - Sheet2
Paul-Henri SPAAK Building Brussels _©

The European Parliament has decided to launch this restricted international design competition for a renewal of the Paul-Henri SPAAK Building. On May 26, 2020, this competition was featured in the Official Journal of the European Commission. It is a two-stage competition; the pre-qualification stage is open and at the end of the pre-qualification procedure, only shortlisted candidates are invited to submit their design proposals for the design competition. Over 132 applications were submitted out of which 15 candidates were selected to contribute to the competition. The shortlisted entrants are Renzo Piano, Shigeru Ban Architects, Snøhetta Oslo AS, O.M.A, Neutelings Riedijk Architecten B.V, KAAN Architecten, Helin & Co Architects.

Winning team _©official website of the firm.

The competition’s goal is to find the best proposal for a renovation of the European Parliament Chamber building and its environs. The future structure must connect the urban and natural worlds, becoming a symbol and an intrinsic part of the city and environment. The European Parliament’s Bureau briefed the result, here is the winner of the competition below.

1st prize JDS Architects (Denmark)

Coldefy (France) | NL Architects (Netherlands) | Carlo Ratti Associati (Italy) | Ensamble Studio (Spain) | UTIL cvba (Belgium) | Ramboll (Denmark)

2nd prize Jabornegg & palffy Generalplaner ZT GmbH (Austria)

Kuehn malvezzi (Germany) | AXIS Ingenieurleistungen ZT GmbH (Austria)

3rd prize Moreau kusunoki (France)

Dethier Architectures (Belgium) | sbp france (France) | ME Engineers Ltd (United Kingdom)

4th prize Belvedere architecture (France)

Ove Arup & Partners International Ltd (United Kingdom)

5th prize A2M (Belgium)

VK Engineering (Belgium) | C.F. Møller Architects (Denmark)

The jury’s comments on the winning proposal and design will not be brought to light. Full information will be available during the exhibition’s inauguration in Brussels, planned for September 2022.


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