Heatherwick Studio has modified the design of the new 1700 Alberni Towers in Vancouver. 387 units will be housed in a 30-story East Tower and a 39-story West Tower, which will be connected by a shared platform. The building 1700 Alberni is set to be built in Vancouver’s West End. The concept includes a pool, gym, spa, wellness facilities, and an outside patio, among other things.

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In the initial 2021 and demand, Heatherwick studio proposed designs for a new residential project, and Vancouver will be its first high-rise project in Canada once complete. It is commissioned by Bosa Properties and Kingswood Properties in partnership. The concept aims to bring a new level of global design excellence to Vancouver, featuring two curved, light-filled towers and a publicly accessible ground-level plaza for community engagement. 

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The Update

With people wanting more usable outdoor and bigger spaces that create extended living areas for their work or recreation. They decided to alter the initial concept in certain ways. With green-colored curved terraces that have a sculptural appearance, the new renderings have a softer appeal. With expanded outdoor living areas, magnificent views of the surrounding built environment and nature are created inspired by the province’s strong connection to the wilderness and the long-lasting native material.

The redesign, according to Heatherwick studio, better ties the buildings to their natural surroundings and accommodates what people desire from the new houses for a comfortable living. The new design, according to the studio, is inspired by nature and reduces the visual impact of the towers, which were originally designed with smaller angled balconies.

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On the tower’s façade, a woven pattern of green semi-circular balconies of varying widths will be included, creating a woven pattern and giving large outdoor living spaces. The design is inspired by the rhythms, repetitions, and softness present in Vancouver’s natural surroundings to create a more welcome and less intimidating contribution to the city’s fabric. The two towers have also been moved to sit adjacent to each other rather than at an angle to enhance the neighborhood’s outdoor views. Continuous podium terraces and flora improve the pedestal experience while also allowing more natural light to move through the building. The design is finished with glazed ceramic terracotta to achieve a blend of privacy and panoramic views.

Overall, 1700 Alberni will be a fantastic place to live and work for its occupants and the surrounding community.

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